Last week I received the news in the Facebook Newsfeed as I had subscribed in the official page of Manju Warrier in Facebook that she had taken her driving license and the photo taken by some fan in the RTO office was shared in the page. A couple of days before that, there were news of her updating her passport details. For those can't understand why this is a news - Manju Warrier was the last female superstar of Malayalam cinema who called it quits at the age of 19 in 1998 after her sudden marriage with fellow actor Dileep. Her decision to quit the movies came as shock to both the fans as well as the film fraternity which wrote scripts only for her. However Manju's aura remained unaffected and her disappearance from the arc lights even for public functions also created a buzz of mystery around her. She was active in films for only 2-3 years but even after more than a decade, the fans and directors talked about her as if she was a contemporary actress. But Manju was silent and happy being a housewife whose world and meaning of life is just her husband and 2 kids.

Things are completely or diamterically opposite for me here in Melbourne especially in the job front. In India I used to get tonnes of calls from the recruiters and I used to have a tough time in refusing them, whereas here I am running after the recruiters and they are not even giving an audience. Similarly I was often complimented for my resume back in India and the general comment I used to receive was "Your CV gives the story / image of you". Here I am not getting any interview calls, which makes me wonder whether the problem is with my CV or I am being subjected to some kinda racism.


One of the nice things that happen during going for walking with Paranthaman in the Mentone beach is the conversation between us. Thankfully we both share similar thinking in many things that make the conversing breezier. We both long for the simplicity in the life and how the simple life back in our school days had lot of goodness inherited but implicit, not much people realised its inner strengths. Last time we had this conversation which was triggered by one of the "Neeya Naana's topic on alcoholism. It seems that one of the reason cited for people indulging in alcoholism is the lack of avenues for a healthy time pass.

20/05/2009 - It was a sultry day in Dubai and the pressure of post - Blueprinting stage had just started taking a toll. The endless meetings, demands from the business people and the "tactics" of the Project Managers to get the best from the team members by "squeezing" them had started driving me crazy. Among all these odds, previous day somebody had mailed me thanking for uploading the S.Ve Sekar dramas and had asked for the Cho dramas. I replied him saying that I'll upload them when I get those stuffs. After we came from lunch (I believe I went out with Jishore that day), I saw that an "invitation" for chat from the person who mailed me yesterday. Normally I don't accept chat invitations from the strangers due to some earlier bitter experiences. But don't know why, I accepted that chat invitation and that single mouse click became a significant event by itself.

Today I rediscovered a fact.... only if you are in a financially secure space you'll be able to have a control over your professional life. If you are particular about the kind of work you want to do, you definitely need a financial stability to step out of the work you don't enjoy. For a brief period I enjoyed this "in a position to choose". I didn't enjoy the support projects so I quitted and passionately trained the students, when got an opportunity got into implementation. But today I felt the pain of being stuck in the rut but couldn't do anything to get out of it. Had I got that financial stability I would have told the client "Sorry, I am not comfortable. God bless you" and walked out.

என்ன தான் மெல்போர்ன் வாழ்க்கை நவீன (சொகுசு அல்ல) வாழ்க்கை என்று சொல்லிக்கொண்டாலும் நான் கோவையில் வாழ்ந்த அந்த குறுகிய நாட்களில் கிடைத்த நிம்மதியும், சந்தோஷமும் என்னை வாட்டிக்கொண்டு தான் இருக்கிறது. நாய் வாலை நிமிர்த்தமுடியாது. அதுபோல எங்கே போனாலும் என்னால் கோவையை மறக்கமுடியாது.,

Old Generation

அந்த காட்சி இப்படி போகிறது..  ஒரு இன்ஸ்பெக்டர் ஒரு நடன இயக்குநரை மிரட்டுகிறான் - “உன் க்ளாஸ்ல அடிபட்ட பெண்ணுக்கும் எனக்கும் கனெக்‌ஷன் இருக்கு... இப்போ அவளுக்கு அடிபட்டிருக்குற போது எனக்கு துணைக்கு ஒரு பெண்ணை ஏற்பாடு பண்ணிக்குடு” என்கிறான். அந்த நடன் இயக்குநர் “நான் டேன்ஸ் மாஸ்டர்... நீங்க நினைக்கிற மாதிரி நான் இல்லை” என்று கோபமாக சொல்கிறான். அப்போது நடன இயக்குநரின் மனைவியை பார்த்து இன்ஸ்பெக்டர் ஒரு மாதிரியாக கமெண்ட் அடித்துவிட்டு ”யாரா இருந்தாலும் பரவாயில்லை... சீக்கிரமா ஒரு பொண்ணை ஏற்பாடு பண்ணு” என்று சொல்லிவிட்டு போகிறான் இன்ஸ்பெக்டர். இது வயதுவந்தவர்கள் பார்க்கக்கூடிய “ஏ” படம் இல்லை, பெரியவர்களின் துணையுடன் சிறுவர்கள் பார்க்கக்கூடிய “யூஏ” படமும் இல்லை.... தமிழர் சமுதாயத்தை சீர்திருத்த அவதரித்த முத்தமிழ் தலைவர் நடத்தும் கலைஞர் டிவியில் குடும்பத்துடன் பார்க்கக்கூடிய, வீட்டில் பெரியவர்கள் இல்லாத சமயத்தில் வளரும் பிஞ்சு மனங்கள் பார்த்து ”பண்படும்” தொலைகாட்சி தொடரில் வந்த காட்சி.



Currently I am feeling a sense of dejavu in my relationship... A couple of things that happened long ago are repeating and I am trying my best not to get into any mistakes this time. This blog is not a whining blog but a document of my efforts to maintain self respect in the relationships. If anybody of you had found yourself similar to these situations and had tackled effectively, please share your insights in the comment.


Today when I was travelling from Ashok Nagar to Ascendas IT Park, Taramani, I happened to see the DMK flags all over the path, speakers blurring songs praising M. Karunanidhi, the former CM of Tamilnadu. I learnt that it was his 89th Birthday and thats the reason for all these hullaboo. I was really surprised to see his 'followers' literally worshipping this octagenarian. Ideally speaking, this man must be grateful to all these people who still follow him. What do I mean by 'still'?


Scenario: Mr. Iyer and Mr. Sharma get into a conversation along with the team members. Suddenly Mr. Sharma asks something in Hindi (his mother tongue) and Mr. Iyer responds to it in Hindi and subsequently the whole meeting takes place in Hindi. Any team member who didn't know Hindi feels lost in jungle. After the meeting, the team disperses and Mr. Iyer and Mr. Saravanan continues with the discussion while walking to the pantry.... the conversation still continues in Hindi. Just by observing this scenario we can conclude that not speaking in one's mother tongue is always a cool thing for South Indians and if the communicating language is in Hindi you think that you are "omnipotential" to get things done in India. A sheer inferiority complex of South Indians...!