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Sunny Leone - a name that's undisputed in the Bollywood. This porn star turned actress is a force to reckon with in Bollywood and familiar across all the Indian film industries. You can like her or hate her but she can't be ignored anyway. This is a fun quiz about how much you know about this enchantress.


{txtquiz type="mchoice" question="Sunny Leone’s original name is ________________" answers="Parminder Kaur,Sunny Malhotra,Karenjit Kaur Vohra,Neerja Vohra" correct="2" failreply="Yes.. Sunny Leone's original name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra." points="1"}{/txtquiz}

{txtquiz type="mchoice" question="Before turning into porn actress, Sunny Leone was studying" answers="Paediatric nurse,Chartered Accountant,Psychiatry" correct="0" passreply="Correct!!!" failreply="No.. She was studying to be a pediatric nurse in Orange County" points="1"}{/txtquiz}

{txtquiz type="mchoice" question="In 2004, she was part of" answers="Welcome Bush Campaign,Anti Iraq War Campaign,No More Bush Girls" correct="2" passreply="Perfect" failreply="In 2004, she was part of ‘No More Bush Girls’, in which she and several other popular porn actresses including Angel Cassidy, Lisa Boyle shaved off their pubic hair in support of the anti-Bush campaign." points="1"}{/txtquiz}

{txtquiz type="mchoice" question="Sunny Leone has a studio called _________________ which produces adult films for US" answers="Sunny Leone Productions Pvt Ltd,Sunny Lust Films Inc,Sun Lust Pictures Inc." correct="2" passreply="Good.." failreply="Sun Lust Pictures Inc. was founded in 2008 as a partnership between Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber (her husband). They also partnered with Vivid for worldwide distribution, thus reaching masses." points="1"}{/txtquiz}

{txtquiz type="mchoice" question="Which movie fetched her her first AVN Award, which is considered to be the “Oscars of porn.”?" answers="Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone,Red Hot Sunny Leone,Sexy hues of Sunny Leone" correct="0" passreply="Superb" failreply="Her second movie, titled ‘Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone’, fetched her her first AVN Award, which is considered to be the “Oscars of porn." points="1"}{/txtquiz}

{txtquiz type="mchoice" question="How many movies did Sunny Leone work as a director and producer of porn films?" answers="150,42,89" correct="1" passreply="Yes. She has directed 42 adult films and featured in 41 films" failreply="Wrong. She has directed 42 adult films and featured in 41 films" points="1"}{/txtquiz}

{txtqscorebox passpercent="70"}

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