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Click the image to read furtherHai Guys... It had been a long time I had been active on the blogging side. It is not that I had run out of ideas but all my energies were channelised towards completing the Shivakudumbam painting I had started 3 months back. What initially started as one of the hobbies took over the almost all the free time. Meanwhile I did watch some good movies like - "Angaadi Theru" (heart touching story), "Kalavaani" (Cute romantic comedy) & Neelathamara (mal.), not so bad "Paiyya" and some trashes like Kites (Hindi), Phoonk (Hindi) etc but I didn't have the time / inclination to write them because of this Shivakudumbam. Atlast when I finished the same in the odd hours of yesterday there was a sigh of relief and at the same time an urge to start the next painting. I had even identified what I want to do next, but I don't want to take it up now.


This time I didn't go through the traditional steps of Kerala mural. Instead I took my own path in completing the figures individually. So I am unable to provide steps like Ananthasayanam mural. Funny part is that I completely went blank when I started this mural so I revisited the working photos I had taken during the making of Ananthasayanam. They provided me the reference to work again. This time I got the grading by stippling techniques right.

However I feel that I have goofed up in the colours because the colours became darker and loud especially the complexion of Parvathy, the demon next to Lord Shiva and the background. My madam used to say that if you feel that your work is not satisfactory place it in a far / high place so that the viewer can't notice its blemishes. But despite some shortcomings I feel this painting is worth watching closer - for its better stipling than my previous works.

You can see the large images of the steps involved in the gallery section