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I was really upset when the planned trip to Thanjavur didn't materialise last year. Myself, as somebody with a strong inclination towards sculpturing and fine Arts, I felt ashamed not visiting Thanjavur all these years, considering that it was just 4 hrs travel from my home town. Atlast I booked my tickets in early January through for Feb 29th, despite finding myself in 14th of RAC list. The 'D-day' had come, I was engaged in some serious official discussions, giving me a thought of cancelling the trip for a fleeting moment. But I regained and decided to continue with my plan. This time the agendas were to travel light and enjoy the retro travel. With just a white cotton pyjama and a black T-shirt, along with the camera bag, I was on.

Pondicherry - Where time takes a break.. That was the caption of Tourism and to an extent it is true also. Pondicherry still retains the soul of French Colony and makes an excellent combination of past and present. As a resident of Cuddalore, I had to travel to Pondicherry for a better shopping, till I moved to Chennai. Today after a very long time I managed to visit Pondicherry beach and the Parks at the right time - in twilight. There were some major changes to the beach and the parks. There were four parks in arc forms that completed a circle. And in the middle part was the French structure that is in the official emblems of Pondicherry Government.

{mosimage}It all germinated spontaneously during a Google chat with vaithy when he was in Abu Dhabi, all gearing up for an annual vacation... just a line in Google Chat that read like this - 'Mahesh, Kutralam Polama?'. I lapped p the suggestion instantly and booked the train tickets via IRCTC website ( My South Tamil Nadu friends suggested me to book ticket to Thenkasi which is nearer to Kutralam. Fortunately all the tickets to Thenkasi Express were sold out for that day. Did I mis-spell as 'Fortunately'? No, I mean it. So I booked tickets upto Thirunelveli. You can find it in the further paragraphs. The 'D-day' was nearing. The rains started lashing out Chennai and Pondicherry. Everybody started ridiculing me for undertaking a trip at this time. I stood firm in my decision of travelling down south this time, no matter how severe the rain is.

{mosimage}Hai Guys...I accidentally stumbled upon this site <<link>> and laughed a lot on this amazing version of Ramayana... couldn't resist posting it it is, for you... A young second generation Indian in the US was asked by his mother to explain the significance of "Diwali" to his younger brother, this is how he went about it...

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