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WiFi File Transfer is a free Android app to transfer files from Android phone to PC and from PC to Android phone over wifi. You can easily access all the files stored on your SD card. Just install the app on your Android phone and then launch the app to get the browser link. Now enter the same browser link in your PC browser. You will see all your SD card data. From there you can easily transfer data from PC to Android or vice-versa. The app also tells you the device status which includes total space available and battery level. You can also delete and move any file and you can even create a new directory on your SD card.

I seriously thanks for the few souls who checked in to my almost abandoned website. Some of them might have noticed that I had moved on to Wordpress for a brief period and now I am back to Joomla again. Over the period of time I had been concentrating on the "look" of the site rather than concentrating on the "content" despite knowing well that "substance" is what drives people to any website, not the layout. I started taking components and templates from various "nulled scripts" site again knowing that "there is no free lunches" and there will definitely be any hack on the scripts through code injection. I was not serious about them because I don't have any sensitive information like Credit Card or Bank details on my site. But that affected the SEO maintenance badly. Whenever I check my webmaster tools, I get lot of malicious links like "http://www.maheshwaran .com /calipsy_pharma" which is automatically generated by the malicious codes.

As you all know that any gmail user can login to YouTube and upload their videos for sharing with the world, there are zillions and zillions of videos available on YouTube. Sometimes we might think of downloading all the videos uploaded by a user or playlist or the subchannel of an user. I use the "VideoDownloader" addon of the Mozilla Firefox to download the videos. However more the number of videos, more tedious and cumbersome it becomes.

This post is for those picture fanatics who frequent to the likes of tumblr for its huge collection of pictures. Sometimes you see a tumblr blog and wish that you have that whole collection in your hard disk for offline viewing. Saving individual files by right click is tedious and makes you wish that there is a way to automate it. After a franctic search, I had found that there is a Mozilla browser addon that saves the images collectively for you. Based on the cookies, this addon will download only newer images on subsequent downloads, but sometimes if you had cleared the cookies or use "incognito window", then you might find huge number of duplicates but with different names. So you need an another option to "find out" duplicates and delete them. This post is what I learnt to use in the scenario.

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