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I use 4KDownloader to download all the videos in the playlist from the YouTube. When there happens to be lot of videos in the playlist, there used to be a problem. The files take lot of time to parse and there is no option to download individual files on priority. So it is either all or none. When I looked for web based alternatives for this functionality, I came across this useful website - http://youtubemultidownloader.com/ which gives an option to download individual videos / playlist / Channels.

When all my Northie friends were making fun of me about the Tamilians' "Kabali" fever, I was mouring the fact that Kickass torrents was shutdown. It had been a wonderful source of software, tutorials, comics besides the usual movie downloads and porn stuffs. I remember stumbling upon Kickass torrents in 2011 while searching for Amar Chitra Katha comics. Till then I was  with Picktorrents as a novice to the torrent downloads. Once I got into using Kickass, I never looked outside for source of torrents. For the past 6 years I visited KickAss Torrents twice a day religiously.

Access this URL (/attachments/article/699/hotstarsportslivestreamer.zip)hotstarsportslivestreamer.zip[Hotstar Download (20 MB)]0 kB

The love for my kid Buttu is making me learn some new things. I learnt about mass downloading the videos from the Youtube channel when he wanted the videos from Fun2Draw channel and it helped a lot in honing his drawing skills. Now he is crazy about the Sita (played by Madirakshi Mundle) and drawing only Sita all these days. So I wanted to get him the episodes of "Seethaiyin Raman" for his offline viewing. Had they been hosted in Youtube I would have downloaded like a charm, but these days all the Star TV's episodes are hosted in their own video channel called Hotstar. There was no browser plugin to download those videos and after some Google search I came across this script to download the Hotstar videos. Like I care for you all by sharing whatever good things I get, this tutorial is also for you all.

When you work in SAP Data migration, you'll be automatically forced to get more comfortable with Mircosoft Excel because of the extensive use of spreadsheets functionality to migrate data from non SAP systems to SAP. But SAP's mass updation tool - MASS has a limitation. It will process 6000 records maximum at a time for certain programs. Recently I had a situation where I have to upload 1.1 lakh entries into SAP, which means I have to split the entire data load into 20 jobs. It is not only cumbersome to split manually the 1.1 lakh entries into multiple sheets of 6000 each, it will also lead to manual errors & system performance issues.

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