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Thanks to my website filter in our office, my blog site got blocked. In a way it is good because I am bit obsessed with it but the sad part is that I couldn't update when ever I want to. Normally I write blogs in the nights at home and post it from the office. Now I couldn't post whenever I write something new. I have made a point that I MUST NOT take an internet connection at home because I might end up being wired always and miss reading / writing. Fortunately my CMS system, Joomla has this option of publishing the blogs at a later date. Which means I HAVE TO 'dump' all the blogs in the weekend at some Internet Kiosk setting up different publishing dates.

SnagItIf you are in software profession or in a job where you need to take screen shots, you know how cumbersome it is. Using the 'Print Screen' is the only option. It is OK if the need is just about image files. When we need to capture the screen activities to record the screen activities or for demonstrations, we don't have much option to choose from. This tutorial is for an effective screen capture software SnagIt. This software is a powerful and useful tool for screen capture activities. SnagIt is not limited to capture documents, files and text only but also for videos and audio tools. It is a good manipulator of texts also. We'll see how these activities can be carried out in these tutorial. This is not an exhaustive tutorial but a teaser sort of. Much of its utility can be discovered on playing arond with it.

Many times we end up copying or bringing the same file under same name at various periods. Worse is that we don't even remember that both the files are identical in the content but with the  different file name. It is a cumbersome task of identifying them and removing them manually. Our PCs can identify same name only, not the identical content. Once in such an instance, I stumbled upon a wonderful piece of software called 'Duplicate File Remover'. This software is powerful enough to identify the 'duplicate or triplicate' files in not only Documents but Pictures, music, video and other formats also in contents other than names. Let me guide through a small example with picture files.

I love & dote on my cousin's kid Siddhu. Infact my weekends in Chennai are mostly for him and I go to my brother's house just to be with him. There can never be a happy moment than watching the kids playing. If the kid in question is less than an year, the pleasure is double. I used to capture a lot of his playful acts in my mobile phone's camera. Siddhu is turning an year old this Sunday and I thought of burning those mobile videos into a VCD. The problem is that Nero Express I am using doesn't support the mobile video formats i.e 3gp. So I HAD TO find a way to encode mobile video to VCD writeable format (i.e mpeg, avi formats). After a long search, I stumbled upon this wonderful piece of freeware that converts a wide formats of video & audio files to legacy formats like mpeg-1/2 & mp3/wav for audio

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