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A Sorry to all those who downloaded the vEmotion crack from my previous post as that cracked file was an older version of trial software with a recording capability of only 5 minutes. On the comment of Ananya, I tried to record through Audacity, but the voice from the other side of the speaker were hardly audible. So I had no other option than resuming the search for the suitable cracked software again. Atlast from the vast rapidshare library, I stumbled upon on another software called MX Skype Recorder. I initially came across this software but I thought it was for Skype only, so I didn't try. But it is capable of recording the conversations through any VOIP client. This link which I am posting is working fine and I made it sure 100% working before pasting the same only after confirming.

Hai Guys, my search for "logging" the voice chats was not over then but while searcging for the same I came across this intresting piece of news about Gtalk. So thought of sharing with you all.

Google Talk is one of my favourite online messengers. But like other web messengers  it does not allow to use more than one user ID and chat using both user IDs at the same time. You have to use one Gtalk user ID at a time, sign out and then login with another user ID. Since I have two Gtalk user names, I was always looking to get logged in with my two user names at the same time. And finally I found a trick to use multiple Gtalk IDs at the same time. You can open two Gtalk messengers, login with two different IDs and talk at the same time from a single computer. (Courtesy: SolidBlogger)

I love reading the chat transcripts of some of my close friends, reliving the sweet moments again. However when I opt for the voice chat, there is no 'record' or facility to relive those moments. When I googled for that I stumbled upon this piece of software with crack. We can 'record' the gtalk voice chats using the vEmotion. The trial version of this vEmotion limits the recording to 3 minutes only. So I searched the net for alternate options and there are many but all were costing above $30. The intense search for an alternate freeware or a crack resulted in downloading the full version of vEmotion along with the crack itself.... Voila!!! I can now record the sweet conversations of gtalk and preserve them... You also can do the same by following this tutorial.

{mosimage}For those who had used E-Kalappai and Professional version of 'Azhagi', this tutorial will offer nothing new. But for those who love to write in Tamil on the net, chat applications and even in MS Office applications like MS Word, PowerPoint etc.. etc.. whatevere application that can take up texts, this tutorial will be very useful. Infact one such instance, when I discovered 'Azhagi', change my course in blogging. I started writing a lot in Tamil, which happens to be my mother tongue, favourite language and above all my best medium of expression. I am a small town brought up for whom English is just another language, not something I breath, dream and talk in. So whenever I translated my thoughts in English whatever I felt, I always found that something is missing. Thats why 'Azhagi' means a lot to me. With this NHM, my horizons on internet just expands to chat applications and other message boards. If I forget English in an year, that won't be a surprise for me.

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