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Click the image to read furtherEven though I feel that I am not a 'typical' gadget person, I find my life going digital in a major way. The latest addition in my daily 'digital' routine is Amazon Kindle - Ebook reader. Even though I heard a lot about e-book readers, I never took them seriously. I thought a laptop will take care of the e-book reading part. But during this London trip, my books alone contributed to 8 kg (exclusive of laptop) and I got pain while running between the terminals in the airport. While commuting in the London Tube trains, I noticed people using the Amazon Kindle, which kindled my intrest in the Amazon's hugely successful e-book reader. So I ordered a Kindle for myself via my sister and got it into my regular day routine.

Monitor Power OffThis small utility will be very useful for those having their laptops. A small issue with the laptops is that you can't control power for the monitor seprately. If you use your laptops for downloading large files, to listen music in background when you are engaged in some other work, then you might have felt the monitor unnecessarily taking the power. I tried to use a customised power plan to switch off the monitor but it switches on the monitor even on a slight tilt or accidental hit on the keyboard. Today I came across this small application which I found extremely useful, so I couldn't resist sharing this application with you all. You can download this very small (32 KB) utility from here. No need of installing. Just double click it, it is ON. You can add this to Windows start up menu by pressing the [+] button and remove it from auto start up by clicking the [-]. The best part is that immediately switches off the monitor while the ongoing activities keep continuing on the background and doesn't switch on again on the light / minor sensory movements in the mousepad. So I am sure that this tiny utility will be definitely useful for my laptop user friends.


Since I was not getting enough new templates & modules for my older but stable version of Joomla v1.0 CMS, I decided to go for an upgrade. For the beginners, Joomla is the most powerful CMS (COntent Management System) that is used to run various large & small websites and the best part is that it is a freeware. People like me who blog regularly can't use simple HTML to create websites considering the level of updating needed for every new post being added. That's where these Content Management System comes in. Prior to Joomla I was using PHPX, which was very simple and effective, but that developer team is no longer active. It had been more than 2 years Joomla v1.5.X had released and now many free webhosting companies are offering pre-installed Joomla websites. So considering the new modules / functionalities and the fear of getting behind / obselete, I went for the upgradation to latest version v1.5.15.


Rome was not built in a day, so was my old version website that took years to become stable. Atlast now I am updated with the latest version of Joomla (V 1.5.15) and it took a lot of effort and testing to get the site live. Even though I have rushed through to meet the deadline, I have some more work leftout. The Mamblog section contributed by Meera, that foddered the gossip centric minds had been left out because of the ASCI/Unicode issues. I have to manually copy the articles from the old site backup and recreate them, so give me sometime. Coming to the downloads section, I had indexed the Comedy Dramas and have to list the Philosophical discourses / rest of the articles. My due apologies to Vijay / Ananya / Annamalai as I couldn't fetch their RSS feeds because of a problem with Joomla Library component called 'Simplepie' that dumps too much of data in the database. I promise to enable fetching their feeds once I get the solution for the issue mentioned. Also there is no need to register just for downloading the dramas. I am yet to find the best working template as I am facing problems with articles that have "Read More" contents and I promise to make your stay at my website enjoyable. There are miles to go regarding this and meanwhile I'll write a post on the technicalities involved with the upgradation process. Post your comments and suggestions to make this site better. - {oshits} readers!!!

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