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Auto Shutdown

I hope this post will be useful for the people who want to have their laptops / desktops shut down automaticall after a certain time. Aadhi was so obsessed with IceAge movies that he insisted on playing them always. He is very much aware of the computer functions that if I click "Shut Down", he starts crying. So I wanted to look for options that will automatically shutdown the computer after a specified time that I can pass it off as "powercut for the laptop". None of the freeware available met my requirement and I accidentally came upon this very useful option that doesn't require any additional software for shutting down the computer.

Sometimes back my brother-in-law, who is having a Computer Center at Mettur, asked me how to block the USB ports which the students are misusing. I suggested him to disable the USB ports in the device manager but he said that since the mouse & keyboards he uses are USB based, the students just plug out the mouse or keyboard and use their USB devices to copy / transfer the confidential materials as well as unmentionable materials.

I have a problem in remembering the WiFi passwords until I choose them. Sometimes when you go to your friends place, they'll key in the passwords for you so it will be there in the system but unknown to you. Today I came across this useful portable tool which helps us in revealing the passowrds of all the saved WiFi connections. You can't use this tool to find the passwords of the neighbours' WiFi connections for hacking into their network. So use it without fear.



Sometimes we end up hurting ourselves by letting some softwares installing their toolbars in the browsers. These toolbars are not only obtrusive, nagging but also slow down the browser's performance. Some browsers can be a threat to your security, so it is always advisable to choose the browser toolbars with caution while we are asked to install any browser toolbars. There are some rogue toolbars that refuse to uninstall themselves even after you try to uninstall via "Programs and Features" in the Control panel of the windows. This piece of software is helpful in uninstalling the unwanted toolbars and the best part is that it is "portable", no need to install. Just unzip, extract and run the software. I checked it with Antivirus program and thankfully it didn't have any malware attached to it. Please scan it with your Antivirus software before use.


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