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I don't understand how I missed writing about this actress who was the first EVER girl I had a crush / fascination (other than a sisterly attraction) on her marking my stepping into adoloscent age.. or otherwise that testosterone production had started in my body. I remember distinctly getting attracted to her by repeatedly flipping back to the same page in a Tamil weekly called Vasuki and that's the time I realised that I am getting attracted to the girls even though not exactly on a prurient fashion. During that period whenever I get a new pen, I used to write her name in different styles / typography. But when she died less than a couple of year or so after that realisation I felt little surprised that tears were rolling over my cheeks for the death news of a stranger... strangely. It was the then upcoming Bollywood star Divya Bharti, who died under mysterious circumstances on April 05, 1993.

ரொம்ப நாளாச்சு.. ஒரு சினிமா பார்த்ததும் அந்த கதாநாயகி என் மனசிலே பச்சுன்னு ஒட்டி... அதனாலேயே இந்த ஜொள்ளு பதிவுகள் குறைவா இருக்க காரணம். சமீபத்தில் (4-5 வாரம் முன்பு) தான் கடந்த வருடத்தில் மலையாளத்தில் வெளிவந்து மிகப்பெரும் வெற்றி பெற்ற பிரேமம் படத்தை பார்த்தேன். எனக்கு படத்துல நிவின் பாலியோ, இல்லை மடோனா செபாஸ்ட்டினோ யாருமே நினைப்பில் இல்லை. மலர் டீச்சராக வந்து என் மனதை கொய்து காயப்படுத்திவிட்ட சாய் பல்லவி மட்டுமே நினைவில் இருக்கிறார். ஐய்யோ... கடவுளே! இந்த மாதிரி பெண்களை ஏன் மிக குறைவாக படைத்து எங்களை கொடுமைப்படுத்துகிறாய் என்று முறையிட தோன்றியது.

Parvathy (not Menon anymore) completes a decade in movies and now almost every move goer had accepted that she is a revelation to watch on screen irrespective of whatever language she acts in. When she was launched into movies with malayalam movie "Out of syllabus" (2006), nobody took this Surya TV anchor turned actress seriously. Her next release "Notebook" (2006) make people notice her but there was not any deluge of offers to her. As usual Parvathy started acting in other languages - Poo (2008) in Tamil and Milana (2007) in Kannada.

Download this file (Oru Makaranilavay.mp3)Oru Makaranilavay[ ]8472 kB

Those who had followed my blogs can understand my craziness for Manju Warrier. I travelled all the way to Coimbatore to catch up with her comeback movie "How Old Are You?"after a hiatus of 14 years. I managed to catch up her next release "Ennum Eppozhum" earlier after the release. But I am disappointed that her third release "Rani Padmini" didn't get released in Coimbatore / Bangalore on 23rd October 2015. I went through the reviews which are mixed but still my determination to watch her movie didn't wean a bit. This song which was uploaded in YouTube is really melodious and soothing that this has been playing nonstop in my mobile and computer for past few days. Hope you also like this. Attached along with is the mp3 version of this song, for your listening pleasure.

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