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{mosimage}I have always been saying that Kamal is my favourite Malayalam director and I go to his movies irrespective of the cast and comments, only for his name. Most of the time Kamal didn't disappoint me. I just want to share a small introduction about him to you all. Kamal, whose real name happens to be Kamaludeen, started independently as film maker 19 years ago with "Mizhineer Pookkal", after assisting different schools of cinemas like Bharathan, P.N. Menon, K.S. Sethumadhavan. Their diverse backgrounds helped Kamal in assimiliating the best of the worlds combining creative sensitivity with commercial sensibilities that enables his products dearer to classes as well as masses, aiming for both box office and critical acclaims.

PrithvirajSometimes being just good looking or even talented won't work in films. There is other element called "Luck" along with "diplomatic" behaviours. Prithviraj, son of late veteran actor Sukumaran entered the movies with the critically acclaimed box-office hit "Nandhanam". Even though this took a while to release, Prithvi had become a hottest kid on the block then. He was always the favourite for media. On his debut, he was termed as "hottest hunk" of Kerala, then the same media started pitting him against the established stars.

AsinWhen Sathyan Anthicaud introduced a new heroine opposite to Kunchacko Boban in his 2001 Vishu release "Narendran Magan Jayakanthan Vaga", he wouldn't have expected that he is going to contribute majorly to Tamil & Telugu cinema with his protegee. The cute starlet was Asin ( Jollu:- Asin means "impeccable", but logically she must have been named as Haseen, which means beautiful in Hindi), but it was Samyukta Varma with an author backed role of a village president who walked away with all accolades leaving Asin in despair. Fortunately metro brought up Asin was quick enough to realise that she has no place in Malayalam film industry where there is an unwritten law that the heroines must be too docile. Asin went on to do modelling for AVT Tea replacing Heera Rajagopal in "vaangittengala..vaangitteengala..?", Aircell and Hayagreeva Silks (How does he know that I like this colour?...... with Vijay Adhiraj).

Meera JasmineDo you all remember a song "One plus one.." I was raving about, for that my sister had taken the revenge too.... hope you all remember it now. That movie called "Kasthurimaan" was released in Coimbatore after it finished its 100 days run in Kerala. Do you know what its posters read? Meera Jasmine's "Kastoorimaan". I can't stop feeling sorry for all the brains and hardwork that went behind the screen. What if the director happens to be the No.1 screenplay writer of Malayalam cinema & mentor of Meera Jasmine, what if the cameraman is "Minsara Kanavu" fame Venu, what if the editor happens to be the national award winner Sreekar Prasad, who cares two hoots for them... All we wanted is M..E..E..R..A, the one & only meera.


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