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{mosimage}Some might have liked Padmapriya while some might have not, but this dusky beauty can't be ignored. Simple, the reason being she comes across as an actress who came to this medium with passion rather than being drafted into it. Else how can you term this actor who had not only done an MBA from Kirloskar Institute but also had worked with GE as Risk consultant in Bangalore & Gurgaon. It was that advertisement for Fair & Lovely what got us a lovely actress who graces the screens in Tamilnadu & Kerala. Asked about her unusual choice of choosing films as career despite having a wonderful management degree and a job at GE normally every youngster dreams for, Padmapriya retorts "why do we believe that education isn't reqd for films, its so complex to make films it covers math, physics philosophy history psyhology music dance"

{mosimage}Preetha was the first person to whom I commented about the new girl which Kerala media was raving as next Manju Warrier, the latest sensation Navya Nair. This happened about five years back at the time of her debut "Ishtam". It was the time the throne of Manju Warrier was vacant. Samyukta Varma was rapidly making strides yet that one milestone role was eluding her. The school girl Navya was refreshing but I said to Preetha that this girl is too ordinary looking and not with that magnetic appeal like Manju Warrier. An year later I saw the promos of "Nandhanam" and thought that this girl has something in her. Unfortunately "Nandhanam" despite carrying rave reviews was stuck in cans due to some problems. When finally "Nandhanam" was released, it was lapped up by the critics and masses instantly and I was clean bowled by the sweeping talent of Navya Nair.

{mosimage}Meera Jasmine:- Simply amazing in the movie, I loved her in the second half. Wish she had dubbed for herself, the dubbing didn't gel with the performance. (Somebody should ban Malayalam directors directing the Tamil versions of their movie, that naturality in original is missing). With her expressions changing in a fraction of second like laser strobes in a disco, Meera is definitely in the leagues of veterans like Savitri, Revathy, Shobana and Manju Warrier. This girl is doing a blunder. Rather than being extremely choosy about the roles, she should do more commercial movies to establish a commercial clout and use the same to carry off more heroine oriented movies. I feel the National award in the very second year of her career proved detrimental.

{mosimage}I just saw "Parineeta" and more than the movie I was impressed by the girl who carried the movie on her shoulders with style and grace - Vidya Balan. I am happy that this Tamil Brahmin girl from Ottappalam, Palakkad has got a big break atlast. Very few of you know that she was a jinx at south. Her first movie as Vidya Iyer, was in Malayalam with my favourite director Kamal's "Chakram" along with Mohanlal and Dileep. But midway through Kamal and Mohanlal had a fall out with the script and the project was shelved. Then Linguswamy spotted her and launched "Run" along with Madhavan. But destiny had other plans, she was dropped and Meera Jasmine was brought in.

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