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பாலகுமாரன்Ullam Kavar Kalvan (The thief who stole my heart)… a nice word to describe the one in love, can be one of the most romantic phrases, but this Balakumaran's novel is not only romantic but simply practical too. The message is "Love doesn’t end in eloping or marriage, but one have to cross all the hardship and be practical to maintain love throughout the life". I liked the main protagonist Nandhini very much in this novel than Sampath.

பாலகுமாரன்"Thayumanavan" is the name for Lord Shiva, who also served as a mother. I feel it is a poem in one word, something that conveys the need of a feminine sensitivity in a man. I came across the novel by my favourite writer Balakumaran when I was in 9th standard. Before reading that I saw it as a TV serial in DD, with Chandrasekar and Vanaja essaying the lead roles. Only when I read the novel I realised the difference between the paper and execution on screen. The written form was simply amazing. Somewhere deep inside my mind it stayed and I feel it started influencing over my personality too, as those were the formative years of a human personality. I loved the way of life "Thayumanavan" portrayed.