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Extra Marital AffairsExtra marital affairs (EMA) can have ghastly effect on your marriage. It can just destroy the sanctity of your relation with your spouse. Sometimes the result of an affair can be repaired but lots of times they leave you nowhere. How do affairs happen? Studies show that extra marital affair is not a result of one particular reason. There are many of them, which contribute. The biggest of the reason is that one wants to escape distress. A spouse might be highly disappointed, sad, and lonely. There also might be feelings of distress in a marriage.

Life after breakupsWhen we examine relationships and their developments little do we talk about the emotional and psychological changes that occur when two people end an emotionally intimate relationship. For any relationship to last life long it is entirely on the individual. The moment the thought of a break up comes to mind the relation will fade away in no time. 'To hurt or be hurt' is the usual saying where break-ups are concerned, I rather feel it should go more along the lines of 'hurt yourself and the one you love' because few can walk away from any long term relationship and not be hurt, even where you instigated the break up, you are still going to have to grieve for the loss of that part of your life.

{mosimage}It started as a normal and a happy year as usual but I realised that it is going to be tortuous at the end of January itself. I was mentally prepared to become bit stronger. Coimbatore had made me very softer and vulnerable by keeping me happy always. I had already written that how much I loved being in Coimbatore. I still remember the moments I visited Thirumurthy Hills last time. I was praying that I must come there more often. I was offered this job in April mid and I enjoyed that summer to the most extent. All the kids were at our home for almost a month. Day by day the number started increasing so as their mischief. I was praying that the tickets must not come soon. At last the tickets came for 20th May and the kids also left back to home after the vacation. The scenario shifted to Dubai.

CoimbatoreCoimbatore - A place that was, is and will always be close to my heart. I really don't know when I took it there. Coimbatore was introduced to me as my cousin's place where we used to go in annual vacations. Earlier I preferred just because we can watch so much of movies there. I was always a rebel just because I felt we kids were given secondary treatment while my cousin Prakash was their darling,who walked away with all his wishes fulfilled at our cost. but that didn't deter me from falling in love with Coimbatore.


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