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Click the image to read furtherAfter all the recent controversies that has surrounded him, False God man Nithyananda has added fuel to the fire saying that he has decided to act on films from now on along with being a false god man as usual. Mr. Nityananda said to a packed media that “I am going to jump into acting bandwagon. I have already gained more popularity because of the video episode. People who saw me in that video has told I look smarter than Ajith which I feel very proud of. Moreover I am not afraid of facing cameras as you saw in the recent video. So I am entering Kollywood to give a run for stars like Rajini Kanth, Kamal Hasan etc” smiled Nithu.

Shreya SaranDebate raised to the core on yesterday’s parliament session on the topic of who should be sent to Pakistan for peace talks between India and Pakistan. Congress has nominated South Indian actress Shreya to resolve this issue. Sonia Gandhi told the house that "After watching the movie Kutti we were impressed that Shreya should be sent to Pakistan for peace talks. The way she handled the tension of love between 2 guys in that movie is amazing. The decision was made immediately after she delivered the dialogue ‘ENNAKU KUTTI VENUM’. That is one of the best dialogue I ve ever seen in the movie. Similarly we hope she can go to Pakistan PM Gillani and ask him ‘ENAKU KASHMIR VENUM’ thereby getting entire Kashmir for India.

Preity ZintaThe auction of IPL threw new controversy when an unknown Chennai guy called Karupasaamy made himself available for auction and was sold to Kings XI for a prize of USD 750,000 dollars which is the rate equal to West Indies sensation Kieran Pollard. Karupasaamy, who is the leading run scorer in Marina beach cricket is also an opening bowler. He was very happy about his price in IPL. Lalit Modi, the commissioner of IPL told the press “Today totally 12 players were sold, 3 players fetched the maximum amount. They are Pollard, Bond and Karupasaamy”. When asked who Karupasaamy is, Mr.Modi told “Karupasaamy is a promising Under 19 cricketer who plays for India. you guys dont know him??? You guys should start concentrating on Under 19 cricket too” laughed Modi thereby insulting many journalists there in the conference room. Priety Zinta and Shilpa Shetty who were there at either side of Modi, as usual laughed as though Mr.Modi cracked the joke of the century.

Our chef oflate had been posting his recipes left, right and center at an alarming pace. Since I wanted to balance the nature of the posts, I waited a while to post his recipes. I tried his Mushroom rice once when my family was away from home and I must say that it was very easy to make and tasty too. So I wish Vijay to post such easy recipes for bachelor / single men. As usual I used to tell him that he has tremendous amount patience as well that burning passion towards cooking, which normally men lack. For this today's post on recipes I am combining two of his posts into one - Lemon Pickle and Rice Uppuma. Hey.. I have a doubt... Why most of those who post recipes name their blog as some "corner".? Today happens to be his cute kid Adarsh's "Aksharabhyasam", so let us all wish him all the best.

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