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Culture, heritage and history of any place can be known through the ancient structures and buildings it has inherited. Temples are places of worship of the Hindus and most of these are architectural marvels. Through these places you can learn about the history of the place and also know about its past culture and the traditions that have been passed down the line.  The architecture of such erections varies from place to place. In south India most of such edifices had used the Dravidian style of architecture. Let us explore the area and know about such gems that have been shining since ages.

It had been a long unfulfilled dream of visiting Hampi ever since I heard about in my 8th standard and it was finally realised in Feb 2014, when I visited the place along with my kid brother Vaithy. BTW Vaithy is no more a kid because he in the process of producing a kid in next few months. Visiting a historical place will be more enjoyable when you have a companion who is also equally passionate as you.

Sydney has a lot of coastwalk in and around the city. For the nature lovers there is enough to keep engaged on the weekends. You have coastwalks of various difficulty levels right from light to medium to heavy. Prominent coastwalks in the Sydney city are Bondi beach - Cogee beach walk, Manly beach - Spit Bridge coastwalk, walk along the Watson bay. There are a few club for bush walkers who meet and do the trekking. Infact across the state of New South Wales, there are many coastwalks like Minnamurra - Kiama - Werry beach coastwalk which is the most picturesque one. I am sharing some photos of Manly Beach Coast walk which I enjoyed during my stay at Sydney.

Kiama is a small coastal town that is located at 120 kms from Sydney and can be reached by 90 minutes drive. I had a chance to visit that scenic town and fall in love with the picturesque beaches. Kiama Municipality is promoting the tourism by offering the picture perfect Coastwalk along the shore. There are three legs of the coastwalk which covers 22 kms but the last leg is the most beautiful one. I loved that place so much that I visited there again after 20 days of the first visit. Some photos for your viewing.

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