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Sex coming out of the closet.. is it good or too much of information to the kids? I happened to see this webseries in YouTube from YFilms - the youth division of Yashraj Films and I must say that I was able to connect with that because I am also having a "Pappu" at my home. In our Indian society we don't learn about sex from our parents, instead we are forced to learn from other sources like acquintances, porn magazines or subtle erotic messages from the sculptures of the temples. Anyway the kids need to learn about sex at some point of time, so why can't we talk to them and have it demystified? I used to tell my wife that I will gift Aadhi on his 12th Birthday a collection of porn classics porn rather than having him search and get into "violent" porns. The first episode of SCWPP is about how a father explains his son about masturbation and it is classically done. Looking forward for more from the dad-son sex chats..

Atlast I managed to watch the all the episodes of the Anil Kapoor's TV series - 24 back to back, the show rocked North Indian TV three years back and all gearing up for a season two. While watching first thing that came to my mind is "This is something that Kamal Hassan should attempt in South. At this stage of his career, he is a position to harness the power of small screen down south and do something that will liberate him from the cinematic limitations without bothering about the box office returns". I learnt that this is an Indianised version of American TV series of the same name and it ran till the season 8 before calling it quits forever.

I was little skeptical about watching the critically acclaimed "Aligarh" directed by Hansa Mehta. For those who came late, this movie is based on the late. Prof. Shrinivas Ramachandra Siras, a Marathi professor, from Aligarh Muslim University suspended on the basis of his sexual orientation. Siras later fought against his suspension and finally got reinstated only a day after his death. The movie was brilliant with powerpacked performances of Manoj Bajpayee and Rajkummar Rao.

Ever since my favourite Vidya Balan announced her comeback with the Hindi remake of a Bengali movie - "Rajkahini (2015)", I was intrigued about the original movie. Veteran actress Rituparno Sengupta is one helluva lot of actress and had played the role which Vidya Balan is about to essay in Hindi version. So when I stumbled upon the movie with subtitles in a torrent download, I didn't think a moment to initiate the download. The storyline of the movie is quite fascinating. During the India Pakistan partition, the international border line passes through a brothel which is headed by a powerful woman called Begum Jaan.

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