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{mosimage}It is raining in the yards of AR Rahman's fans... The 'Madras Mozart' had been dishing out chartbustsers at alarming intervals as if they are an assembly line product. The versatility of the scores of period drama "Jodhaa Akbar" to " funky "Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na" to techno "Ghajini"... the journey this young maestro took last year is incredible. The Golden Globe awards for "Slumdog Millionnaire" came as a diamond in his crown, validating his popularity across the globe. ARR's music for Rakeysh Mehra's "Dilli-6" came in the heels of his Golden Globe awards only to become a smash hit. But this album, Dilli - 6, has the potential to burn the speakers no matter when it was released. I couldn't resist lending my ears tothe songs of "Delhi - 6" every morning, evening and whole day through my iPod. Here is the playlist for those who hadn't heard it still...

If I am asked to describe the new version of Mahabharat in one word, I would say - "sexy". This Ekta Kapoor's version of Mahabharat called as "Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki".... notice her 'K' sentiment and the effects of numerology's effect on the title..... This new version of Mahabharat is no different from the regular mega serials, but it stands apart from the crowd by its presentation. Not only the visuals are rich, but the costumes of the characters are definitely different. Admitted that the costumes came under heavy criticism that the serial looked more like a greek mythology (even my mother felt the same), but as a normal viewer I found the dresses subtle, sensible and sexy. All the boys and girls in the serial had amazing hot bodies. Even the set prop men like ministers, security guards had a well toned body and the girls were sexy in near topless costumes. If you ponder over the dresses, as somebody who keeps watching the ancient dresses through sculptures, I think this the way the people might have draped themselves...

Subhash Ghai - A.R Rahman coming together after (almost) a decade... The initial promos manage to pump up the adrenaline, especially 'Tu Meri Dost'. Sometimes piracy mills work overtime... The audio was released on Oct 16th morning and the downloads were available by evening itself. I will definitely but this CD as the orchestration is of high quality. There are 9 songs and all the songs are immediately catchy. Best part of this album is that it uses many of South Indian voices - Srinivas, Vijay Yesudas, Benny Dayal, Karthik. I still hadn't got into the songs completely as you know that AR Rahman's songs take sometime to grow on you. So it is an injustice to pass judgements on the first hearing itself. I want to write my views on the songs after enough hearing. I have added the songs playlist in the post. Hear it for yourself.

I wanted to see this movie but couldn't in theatre as well as DVD. Last weekend I received this surprise package from Filmfare - a collection of 10 DVDs including KKC. The movie by Sudhir Mishra is brilliant in parts but a hogwash on whole. The sheer maginificance of 60-s era recreated by Art director Gautam & Sachin Krishn's cinematography blows your mind in awe, Shantanu Moitra's compositions rooted in melody soothes your ears. Besides these I couldn't remember what we had seen for previous 2 1/2 hrs. The movie set in the early 60s of Bollywood gives a sense of disgust that it is all about casting couch. When Nikhat remembers her first casting couch (rape) at the age of 14, it leaves a lump in your throat. But Nikhat using the same method with reigning superstar to reach the stardom is not something that we sympathise with her. Also some characters are hazy - is Superstar Prem a lecherous creature? or who just takes advantage of the ambitiousness of Nikhat? When Zafar goes to bed with his new muse Ratanbala, we couldn't differentiate him from Prem. Nikhat sleeps with Prem, then with Zafar, on the other hand Zafar sleeps with Ratanbala.... grrrrr!!!!

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