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I accidentally catched up the Mira Nair's movie "The Namesake" on the TV (06/06/09) on Star Movies. I have already heard about that movie as it was a celluloid version of Jhumpa Lahiri's Pulitzer award winning novel of the same name. I always had apprehensions that novels can't be translated completely onscreen, so didn't watch the movie for that reason. But what made me sit initially was its arresting visuals, that could get the fancy of anybody who has an eye for colours and frames. In the due course I started getting into the story also. The star cast must also be creditted for making me sit through. This Irrfan Khan - Tabu starrer is really a nice experience to watch.

I was pleasantly surprised to catch up the Rajshri's classic 'Chitchor' on Zee Aflam last night. Watching this sugar sweet flick was a thrilling experience because I was not sure when the channel will be changed as my housemates felt it as outdated. A case of mistaken identity where the prospect groom's friend (Amol Palelkar) was misunderstood for the actual groom, while he falls in love with the simpleton heroine (Zarina Wahab) and how it got solved. As usual Amol Palelkar was completely natural, heroine's kid friend deserves a special mention and I was completely bowled by the small town girl charm of Zarina Wahab, who later got married to actor Aditya Panscholi. Yesterday only I realised that the movie had some classic songs like 'Jab Shaam dhale aana' & 'Aaj se pehle..' other than the very famous 'Gori Tera Gaon bada pyara'. When I return back to India I should get a DVD of this simple story told in a so simple fashion. Surprisingly the remake of this by same Rajshri productions resulted in a debacle called 'Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon' contributed by over the top performances by Hritihk Roshan and Kareena Kapoor, without realising that simplicity was the forte of 'Chitchor'. If possible, catch up 'Chitchor' in DVD. Spicy Gossip: Aditya Panscholi was rumoured to have an affair with Kangana Ranaut and it is no surprise because Kangana Ranaut resembles a lot.. vey much of Zarina. - {oshits} reads

Sometimes back after reading my comments about the rape scenes in Arundathi, Ananya had mailed me that all the rape scenes in Indian movies are like that, why single out Arundathi alone. She was right and in our Indian movies rape is more used as a provocative element to titillate the animal instincts of average Indian movie viewers. In the 80's movies almost all the movies had a hero's sister character who was created just to get raped and commit suicide following that gory incident. Thankfully that trend phased out eventually when the heroines took over the part of seducing the male audiences from the vamps and rapes. But there are very few rape scenes that gave me goosebumps when I even think about them. Those were vital for the story to move on and those scenes disturbed me for weeks. Recently when I read 'Kane and Abel' there was this gang rape scene after which I literally stopped reading that novel until Vaidhees assured me that no more such scene will come in that novel.

Despite knowing that it is a multiplex hit, the Hindi movie 'A Wednesday' caught my attention as soon as Kamal Hassan announced his intentions to remake it in Tamil and Telugu. Quite a poigant tale told in a gripping way, 'A Wednesday' captures the common man's angst against the beaurocratic / red tape involved in government's way of dealing with terrorism. No top stars, no jingoism, yet the director Neeraj Pandey manages to get the audiences a feel of their own angst translated effectively to the big screen. Brilliant performances by the lead players Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah, especially the latter playing the role effortessly, the last dialogue Naseer mouths just makes the anger of the public seep through the blood, give a hair raising experience. Neeraj's clever way of masking the community which Nasseer belongs to is a master stroke deserving a critical applause. 'A Wednesday' - movie that shouldn't be missed by the discerning viewers at any cost. Hope Kamal Hassan retains the same feel & essence and the doubts are basically for (i) he had chosen stars with larger-than-life, himself along with Venkatesh [Telugu version], Mohanlal [Tamil], for the regional versions, (ii) the story revolves around the Mumbai bomb blasts and terror attacks, which the Hindi audiences could identify with but for those in South such terror attacks are another news. All the very best for Kamal Hassan & the crew involved in the South versions. - {oshits} reads

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