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This Yashraj Film's outing of Kabir Khan's semi-documentry turned out to be much more exciting than I anticipated. Actually when the movie opened to rave reviews and box office acclaim, I was not that enthused to see it, until Ananya recommended for this movie. The movie is slapping on the face of the viewers in many places - especially when Katrina is being frisked and the third degree tortures meted out to John Abraham in the detention. Thankfully the movie didn't end up as a docu drama, but it is an emotional story between the three lead protagonists. I didn't feel the slack in the pace at any points, infact the turning point in the interval point was totally unexpected. That made the climax predictable, but Katrina included in the final acts was a surprise. The movie doesn't advocate terrorism even though it may appear the same superficially but dwelves into psyche of the innocent people who were suspected and tortured. The movie had a sheen that was not seen in Indian movies before. The performances by the lead players were competent and I found Katrina Kaif extremenly well in the emotional scenes. Till date I didn't take her seriously but 'New York' had tilted the scale in favour of her. Given a good script and director, she can perform well. John exposes acting talent beneath his sensuality whereas Neil Nitin Mukesh proves that he is a face to watch for with enormous subtlety. A well shot movie and nice music, "Junoon" is my favourite that deserves a discerning viewing for sure. Go for it if you hadn't still. - //End// - {oshits} readers

I was able to see this Revathy directed movie in bits and pieces earlier on TV, but got the chance to see it fully recently only. Media reported that this was a plagarised version of Tom Hank starrer "Philadelphia". I haven't seen that movie, so it doesn't matter to me. A nice and sensitive movie - that sums up everything about this movie. Revathy being an actress herself had managed to extract the best from everyone involved in the casting. It can be rated as the best in Shilpa Shetty's career and the biggest surprise is that Revathy had made the impossible a possible - Salman Khan had ACTED well sans his usual eccentricities!!! But towards the end you can't stop lauding Mita Vashist's menacing perfomance as smooth talking cunning lawyer as well as the stern faced Kitty. Abhishek was a revelation and it is pity that the critics gave his natural performance a miss. Nasser and Kamalinee Mukherjee (her debut) had supported the rest cast well. The seriousness of the issue (HIV +ve) and the society's apathy / myths towards the victims are sensitively handled by Revathy.

Here in the bus, especially during the return journeys, I very often hear that somebody is playing the songs of "Aashiqui", "Saajan" and sometimes "Sadak" from their mobile / mp3 player.... And NO... it is not from the same person.. ha! ha! ha! I am a sucker for these movie songs but quite surprised that I have so many people for my company. While those songs were composed, nobody would have expected that those songs will be played by somebody even after a couple of decades. Recently I read somewhere that the music company Venus claimed that it ha d sold more than 23 lakh units of the just cassettes of "Saajan" making it an all time highest seller in the Bollywood music industry. I remember the magic of "Aashiqui"s music, that cast its spell all over the nation, when I was in 8th std... watching "Chitrahaar" on the wednesday and expecting the songs of "Aashiqui" on air. Most of the times that year I was not disappointed because the movie celebrated Golden jubilee, so almost for an year they played all the songs repeatedly all the week. I would safely say that the prime of the Nadeem - Shravan, with a distinctive sound / style of their own, is almost similiar to what IR was for Tamil songs with the simlarity extending that AR Rahman's rise led to their downfall. When I hear those songs, these days, being played by somebody in the bus, it rekindles a lot of old memories which is soothing.. especially after a tiring day. - {oshits} reads

When 'Niram' was released in 1998, critics tend to wite it off as a "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" rip off. But a decade later, in 2008 'Jaane Tu.." came in Hindi, which was literally a rip off of Niram and this time, critics lauded it because it was an Aamir Khan Production. I just saw "Jaane Tu.." and through out the movie I had a sense of deja-vu with every scene reminding of "Niram", despite the fact that I sat to watch it without any preconceived notions. Funny part is that Genelia D'Souza, the leading lady of "Jaane Tu" made her Bollywood debut in 2003 with a movie called "Tujhe Meri Kasam" which ironically was an official remake of "Niram" but was a box-office dud. After seeing "Jaane Tu.." my heart started longing for "Niram" so much that I might end up buying one more copy of its VCD. I can bet that "Niram" is thousand times better than "Jaane Tu..". I had already wrote about "Niram" elaborately in my old post, so let me not waste time in reviewing it. What in "Jaane tu" & "Niram" worked for me and what not?....

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