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Click the image to read furtherWhy the f**k the movie had been called as 'Paa' while 'Maa' or even 'Auro' would have been a better title. R. Balki needs just one scene to establish the warm relationship between the son and the mother. AB Corp's latest production 'Paa (2009)' which predominantly has South Indian contribution - 'Adman' R. Balki, 'Lens guru' PC Sriram, 'Maestro' Illayaraja, Vidya Balan, Kannada theatre artiste Arundhathi Nag, Malayalam Child Star Baby Taruni, is warm and endearing, taking us through the world of innocence and the complications of a 13 year old. One of the (rare) recent worthy releases in the Bollywood, 'Paa' is compelling in more than one way.

It was one of the movies in my wishlist and a long overdue. I knew it was about the kid born out of wedlock and may be because of the Indian cinema's penchant for tearjerkers kept me away from this story. But after hearing wonderful reviews about this movie, when I came across it in veoh.com, I initiated the download. Man... a wonderful movie I had missed all these years. This is a movie I can't keep my attention off while watching. I was even surprised that there was a malayalam version of this movie called 'Olangal' directed by Balu Mahendra, which has this evergreen hit - Thumbi Vaa. However both the movies had drawn their inspiration from Eric Segal's classic novel - Man, Woman and Child. Ananya informed me that it was made in Telugu as "Illalu Priyaralu" and my wife shared her knowledge that Tamil version of this movie had Sivaji Ganesan & Sujatha in lead.

When I initiated the download of the movie 'Ijaazat' from veoh, I did it for only one name - Gulzar, its director. Later, just before the viewing, I looked for its details in Wikipedia and found that it was based on a bengali novel 'Jatugriha' by Subhodh Ghosh, which was earlier made as movie in Bengali. Also this movie's "Mera Kuch Saaman" had won Asha Bhonsle's second National Award for her and also that 'Ijaazat' was the debut of beautiful Anuradha Patel. I could say that the movie is a poetry - in every frame, every shot. When I started watching it finally, I was just blown away by its sheer poetry. Ijaazat scans the concept of love after the marriage, whether the past can eclipse the future and when I masticated what I saw, I realised the complexity of the movie. Sudha and Mahinder accidentally meet in a railway station on a rainy night and sharing what had happened after they had seperated from their marriage. In a series of flashbacks, their 'marriage' life was discussed on. Gulzar takes us through the journey of Mahinder, Sudha and Maya with the scenes that revolved around these just 3 characters ONLY but still gripping and irresisting to sit through. The movie had best written female characters. Towards the end of the movie only you'll realise what Mahinder was upto and with the sweet cameo by Shashi Kapoor you come to know where Mahinder & Sudha went wrong. The more I talk about the movie, it may turn out to be a spoiler, so let me stop here. 'Ijaazat's even though reverred by the discerning Bollywood audiences, didn't get its due when it was released. Apart from the National Award for Asha Bhonsle, the movie was sidelined in the popular awards for the 'blockbusters'. Anil Kapoor & Madhuri Dixit were honoured the "Best Actors" over Naseeruddin Shah & Rekha, Sonu Walia, the vamp from 'Khoon Bhari Mang' was preferred over poetic Anuradha Patel in the supporting actress category, Anand Milind & Alka Yagnik were thought to be superior with "QSQT" & "Tezaab". That's the pathetic story between every awards these days. - {oshits} reads

It was one of the movies that eluded me for a long time until I stumbled upon it on veoh.com. I wasted no time in initiating the download of the available copy online. This movie was one of the underrated movies that I literally had no idea about what it was all about. But I knew that it was a revenge story by the Urmila and Saif had a negative role in that. Those times Urmila was the muse of all Ram Gopal Varma's productions (ironically her last outing with Ram Gopal Varma's Factory) and Saif was in RGV's camp before he hit a big time with the Yashraj films. This happened to be the debut of Sriram Raghavan, a well known scriptwriter in Bollywood, who later had received much critical acclaim through "Johnny Gaddar". Despite all the credentials, "Ek Hasina Thi" didn't hit the bull's eye. But having seen its dark trailers, knowing that it was the debut of Sriram Raghavan, I wanted to see "Ek Hasina Thi" desperately but I didn't come across not even a single DVD in all the stores I had visited in past few years.

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