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{mosimage}You might have come across many people in your life but on retrospect you realise that one particular name might be coming again and again in the form of many individuals for longer part of your life. In my case it was "B..A..L..A..", not directly as Bala, but as the shorter name. Recently when I went to the SAP classes, the guy sitting next to me was Bala @ Balasubramanium. On the evening of the second day of the class, I had a problem with my mobile recharging, I called BSNL Call center, the Customer Support Assistant who answered my queries was... again some "Bala". I was zapped

These "Bala"s being the latest, I am remembering all the "Bala"s who had come in my life.

1. Balasubramanian - My classmate in 4-10th. I hardly had interacted with him, so no comments.

2. V. Balamurugan - He was also my classmate from 6-10th and he was giving me a strong competition in academics in my 10th standard. He was my tution mate also. But I don't know where his now.

3. M. Balakrishnan - He was my classmate during Engg. He is a "bindaas" guy who regularly boozed and fucked even when he was in the college itself, but was attentive towards the studies. One day there was a conversation in the mansion when we all the college guys were together - that if the rape victim's protest was strong, rape couldn't have happened. After some heated discussions he offered to "rape" me and I have to protect myself. God, despite my resistances, he managed to strip me completely. After the graduation I met him once in CIPET where my other friends were doing post graduation. Now I heard that he is taking care of his family shop near Coimbatore.

4. Balamurali - He happened to be the brother of my sister's lecturer. When I was searching for a room in Coimbatore where I was doing my Masters, I met him and stayed with him for about 6-7 months.

5. Balamrugan - This Bala from Pollachi happened to be the procurement co-ordinator in ABT where I was working. We used to meet often and have long chats over the phone. Once I ridiculed him for fun meaning that he was not available for a long, with a "Missing" notice, but he took it seriously and stopped talking to me forever. I think he had joined back in ABT as Logistics executive now.

6. Balaji Vijayaraghavan - He is my good friend and was with me as colleague in Dutco Tennant, Dubai branch. Now he is in Chennai.

7. Balaji Venkatraman - He is also my colleague in Dutco Tennant, Abu Dhabi office where I am seated. This guy made my life hell with his kiddish attitudes. In that way I can never forget him.

8. Bala Ramanan - the most significant of all "Bala"s who came in my life. This BALA is my beloved brother-in-law and my best friend, I can claim safely. I would love to call him as "BALA" but for reasons unknown even to me, I feel very comfortable calling him "mama". (Maama, I am buttering you so much that your son MUST marry my daughter only, nobody else..)

9. K. Balasubramanium - The latest of "Bala"s in my life. Since I know him only for past 3 weeks, I can't afford to comment about him.

10. Bala Praveen Chakravarthy - He was also a friend for sometime and happened to be my sister's classmate.