{mosimage}Thanks a lot for the internet. I am living thousand miles away from my hometown, but for some one who loves music as a second oxygen, internet has brought everything closer. I have easy access to Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi albums, much closer than the people from India, thanks to the broadband. Nowadays I am hooked to Tamil & Telugu albums majorly. Why can't you people also try these albums? I don't buy the arguement that you don't hear because you don't understand the lyrics. Music is always beyond the boundries of language. A few words about the albums I am hearing and enjoying these days.

Poi (Tamil) & Abaddam (Telugu)

A Vidyasagar's musical is something I always look forward and if it happen's to be veteran K. Balachander's 101th movie with all newcomers, do I need more reasons to download the songs immediately? Yes, I am talking about the Duet Movies' production of K. Balachander's Tamil / Telugu bi-lingual "Poi" (Lies) tuned by Vidyasagar. It is a beautiful album with 9 songs. The album on the whole is refreshing but as an ardent fan of Vidyasagar I felt bit let down. If there was no mention about Vidyasagar in the album credits, anybody can pass it off as A.R Rahman's album.

There is so much of A.R Rahman's influence especially in the songs "Inge Inge..." (Shankar Mahadevan), "Kannamoochi.." (SP Balasubramanium), "Enna Tholaithaai..." (KS Chitra) and "Iyakkunare.." (Harini & Harish Raghavendra). "La.. La.. Ilayavale.." reminds of Maragathamani (M.M Keeravani) & K. Balachander's songs. Rest of the songs "Kutti Kutti Kavithai..", "Hitler Penne...", "Azhagana Poigale.." and "Kandupidithein.." are truly Vidyasagar's. But compared to other recent scraps released, this comes as a whiff or breeze. I can recommend this safely to my friends.

Lakshmi (Telugu)

{mosimage}This is composed by the ever selective Ramana Gogula for the Venkatesh - Nayantara starrer "Lakshmi". This has 5 + 1 (remix) numbers. My personal favourites are "Nenu Puttindene...", which happens to be a fast, peppy number while "Taara talukku taara.." is a breezy number. No wonder the otherwise shy & reticent Venkatesh danced at the audio release function for "Nenu Puttinde.." song. The remix song of "Hey Sathyabhama.." is far better and yuppy than the original. This is one Telugu album you can give a try.

{mosimage}The other songs I loved in Telugu at this moment are from the Ravi Teja - Jyotika starrer "Shock". "Madhuram Madhuram.." (SPB & Chitra, My most favourite song) and "Nee venta.." (SPB Charan & Kousalya) are really wonderful. In the Siddharth starrer "Chukkallo Chandrudu", the songs "Kalanaina.." sung by Karthik & Harini is cool & breezy.

Thanmatra (Molecule) -Malayalam

{mosimage}This Blessy directed Kerala State Award winner starred Mohanlal & Meera Vasudevan. It had three mellifluous numbers tuned by hard to believe... Mohan Sitara. A song that I had mentioned earlier "Kaattru veli..." taken from "Bharatiyar Kavidhaikal" is a breeze that soothes while playing. The lullaby number "Mindathadee kuyile kannan unni urangiya nerathu..." (Don't speak kuil, small kid is sleeping) is really a lullaby to all ages while "Idhalarnu veena.." is another pleasure to hear. If you love good music irrespective of language, you can go for this.

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