{mosimage}I think I had touched this topic previously but this starts from where the previous blog ended. We all admit that man is a social animal and we can't exist in vaccuum. That means we need others existence to survive, rejuvinate ourselves and populate, but the happiness lies within ouselves. But I believe in due course of time the concept of "social" has taken different form that completely overshadowed the felicity of loneliness. I am proud that I am one of the very few people who enjoy the loneliness among those people who claim that they'll go mad if being alone.

Sometimes I switch off my mobile on Thursday weekends thus completely cutting off from the world. Initially my friends felt that I have gone mad, but now they had understood that I hate being disturbed when I want to be alone. I involve in activities that indulge myself or dabbling with some creative ideas. I devote ample time for myself so that I don't crib that I haven't got time to do this... that.. etc. After all I have only one life but want to live of thousands. Live life king size.

Accident in Sheikh Zayed Road.

{mosimage}When there was a traffic block at Sheikh Zayed Road on 08/02/2006, evening I was with my friends returning from an exhibition. I was cursing that some fucker has bumped on another car thus leading to a chaos. But within few minutes when we saw the rescue van, ambulance and police force rushed through the service lane we realised that something serious had happened. All of a sudden the parallel track was cleared and I saw a helicopter landing and rushing the victims to the hospital. I learnt that the victim is in critical stage that he/she can't survive if taken through ambulance in road. It was really an emotional & hair raising experience for someone who had heard a lot in India about victims dying on the road waiting for police to arrive the spot. Infact I was about to breakdown. I salute Dubai police for valuing the human lives.

New breed of heroines

{mosimage}I immensely enjoyed Meera Jasmine's performance in "Sandai Kozhi". Surprisingly another female performance that I enjoyed recently was by Asin in "Ghajini". It is still more surprising that these girls haven't gone on a signing spree after the success of these movies. Ever since these girls started commanding an initial they had become extremely choosy with their on screen characters. Asin had the guts to walk out "Jillennu Oru Kadhal" with Surya saying that the character didn't excite her, the role which any other heroine would have given her right hand to do. Also she hadn't signed anything and Meera is doing "Mercury Pookkal" only keeping herself free for any worthy assignments that come in her way.

{mosimage}Meera's determination seems to pay off. She had signed movies with "Sethu" Bala in Tamil who had extracted the best even from Laila and next of Lenin Rajendran & Satyan Anthikaud who always etch strong female characters in Malayalam. Gone are the days that a heroine is considered as successful only if she has a dozen movies at a time. Asin and Meera asking for a narration and bound script before signing the dotted line is a healthy change that challenges the heroes domination and nice to see that someone loves and take their profession seriously rather than concentrating on making money alone.

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