Last person in the world


This is a blog inspired by a question I came across in Quora a couple of days ago. The answers are my sincere ideas and it can bear resemblence with others' answers but I didn't copy from any of them.


1. I have survived the aftermath of realising that all my dear & near ones are gone forever..
2. The electricity generation is not stopped and it is still generating using the Solar enerfgy
3. The computer servers, satellites are on, up and running
4. All the other people had disappeared... not a world with dead bodies flunged around.

What will I do?

1. I'll try to check whether any other human being is left in any other part of the world by checking any forums or social media pages. I will be in trouble if there are automated posting / commenting scripts are enabled by someone to increase their social profile visibility before death.

2. I will walkin to any of the book stores and collect all the books in my wishlist which I hadn't got a chance to read. I'll read them seriously, sincerely and deeply.

3. I'll collect some gadgets from the electronic store and load it with the photos and videos of my beloved ones.

4. I'll take the vehicles left on the roads and travel to the places which I missed out or want to visit again. I'll collect petrol from all the vehicles and try to save it by burying in a tank underground to avoid losing too much in vapour.

5. I'll try to workout a lot and get the dream shape before I give up. I am a narcisst so I'll fall in love all over again and again. When I feel that I had got my dream shape, I'll roam nude.

6. I'll collect all my sperms and freeze it so that if by chance there is a chance for restoring humankind, mine will be useful.

7. I'll burn the currencies and property documents of the so-called rich & powerful in the fireplace lit for cold. I'll get a pleasure by asking "Did you do all the attrocities to accumulate these which is of no value now?"

8. I'll try to raise a pet - probably a dog, parrot or any pet that can understand the human language better.

9. I'll occupy a luxurious sea front villa / resort with a swimming pool. Till date I couldn't practise whatever little swimming I learnt, so I'll master swimming before I die.

10. I'll take up farming with vegetables, few cattles and a small poultry chicken basically for my survival. Parallely I have to learn self defence to protect myself from the wild animals and reptiles which stray into my living area.

11. I'll use the books and YouTube videos to learn, build and run a small solar power generator so that I can stop depending on the fossil fuels anymore.

12. I'll note down the activities I had done against the list of to-do wish lists. The day I feel that I had lived my life to the satisfaction, I'll jump from the mountain cliff into the sea making it the last day of my life.

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