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{mosimage}i) People say that they booze whenever they are happy or sad, whenever they are alone or whenever they are with their friends. When you are happy, you should enjoy your happiness fully and when you are sad you must take in the situation completely in senses and think of what to do further. If you booze, you'll lose your senses and how can you enjoy the happiness completely or empathise with the sad situation to the core? Boozing to celebrate joy or mitigate sadness is sheer escapism, an act of cowardice, inability to enjoy the essense of life, nothing else.

ii) There was a heated arguement between my colleague and me about man being social animal. Man is a social animal, admitted that one can't exist in vaccum, but one should live their life on their own terms. There should not be any craving for others / public approval. Nobody knows you better than you. So why rely on someone to decide what is good for you? I can take suggestions of thousand people but the decision will be mine that suits my situation, even if it is opposed by the whole world. Set your own benchmark, fix your own happiness rather than expecting somebody to do it for you. If you start looking for someone to say what you are doing is right or to keep you happy, end of the life you'll realise that you weren't true to yourself and didn't live your life, but lived for someone else.

{mosimage}iii) Rama or Krishna? This topic came once again. I really don't understand why some political outfits are after Rama. HE might have been a good king but I don't think HE is a good human. In my view, HE was showy or flamboyant that the world shou;ld take HIS actions as example. HE had a sheer sadistic & apathy approach towards HIS family. I don't digest the fact that HE asked Sita to prove herself to the world that she is "pure". He had already knew how she was living through Hanuman. What if even if she was raped by Ravana? Her love was always with HIM and even if something had happened HE should have been her moral support by standing by her side. Second time when somebody commented about HIS wife, HE promptly packed her to the forest all again to clear his name, without minding that she was pregenant, which is a brutal act. Also HIS kids were deprived of the comfort and love of a father. At the end HE drove his wife so crazy that she decided enough is enough and went into the earth (In other words committed suicide). Rama according to me is still troubling the world by this Ayodhya issue.

{mosimage}iv) Few days back, exactly the day Bangalore was changed to Bengaluru, evening I went to meet a friend at his work station. He proudly showed that somebody has replied for his comments in the article. It was a hard hitting reply and intrigued I read the comment my friend posted. He had written that Kannada is not a great language so Bangalore shouldn't be renamed in Kannada. I asked him whether he knew Kannada and the reply was NO. I got irritated that who the fucker is he to say that someone's mother tongue is not a great one. It is like me saying to you that your father / mother is not a great person. If I did will you accept? No matter how much differences we might be having, shall we let down them? We grew on their shadow only till we independently branched out. I knew he is proud about himself but never expected that he'll be such a self-obsessed person. I too don't know anything in Kannada, but for the people in Karnataka, it might be of rich heritage. It is his attitude that irritated me. Everybody has the right to think that they are the best but they don't have the balls to think others are not. Respect other's sentiments even if you don't agree with it.