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{mosimage}It came, it conquered and it is still ruling in the minds of Tamil cinema viewers. It came as a soothing breeze when there was a flurry of action movies like "Kakka Kakka" was sweeping Tamil cinema. As they say, storm startles while the breeze soothes. I am talking about "Parthiban Kanavu [Parthiban's Dream] (2003)" a beautiful dream by its director Karu. Pazhaniappan. It came from the stable of Sathyajyothi Films, who makes movies sporadically with the best of rising talents. Maniratnam, Kadhir were introduced by them and Balu Mahendra's classic "Moondram Pirai" completes their reportoire. As usual this movie moved me because of my strong resemblence to its protagonist Parthiban.

{tab=Page 1}{mosimage}Parthiban (Srikanth) is a happy-go-lucky guy who easily gets bored by the things that doesn't sustain his interest. Rather than sticking to it for the sake of surviving, he listens to his heart and does what he feels like doing. Predictably his views towards the marriage is also the same. He wants to fall in love with a girl, know her fully before marriage and give his life to her. He sees Sneha and falls for her. To much of his surprise his parents also fix the marriage with Sneha. He follows her incessantly and knows her tastes and preferences. On the day of marriage Parthiban faces a rude shock that his wife is not the girl whom he loved. Unable to live a civil facade, Parthiban and Sathya (Sneha) live apart. To make things worse, Janani - the another Sneha, becomes his neighbour and Parthiban is caught between the dream and reality.

It is really hard to believe that this is the debut movie of Karu. Pazhaniappan. Barring few hiccups like the first song that was thrusted to please the front benchers and some drama type scenes, Karu. Pazhaniappan has conducted the show with a tremendous whizardry over the medium. The best part of the movie is that all the characters are whom we can see in our daily life around our living place.

There oozes tonnes & tonnes of positive attitude all over the movie. Even the miniscule characters are nice people including the office boy who asks "Will anyone bump into purposely?". It comes in one dialogue by Parthiban - "My problem is that everyone around me are good". Janani's father who says Parthiban that he would have made him his son-in-law if he wasn't married to Sathya, Docile Satya who always wants good for her husband even though she understands that he has no much affection for her, we are exposed to characters that are too good to be true.

Dialogues are sensitive and razor sharp. Every dialogue mouthed by the character helps in establishing the character only rather than providing comical relief or drama. E.g. Unakku pidikkalaiya? Unga appa sonnarngurathukkaga seyyatha, Unakku pidichirukka, ulagame ethirthaalum niruthaatha - If you don't like, don't do just because your father said to do it, If you like it, don't stop even if the whole world opposes. Kidaicha velaiyai seyyarathukkum, pidicha velaiyai seyyarathukkum vidhyaasam irukku - There is a difference between doing the available job and favourite job. But my favourite picks are when Parthiban chides about his wife's song, his grandpa asks "ippo kopam samsaarathu melayaa illai sangeethathu melayaa?" - Is your anger towards the music or wife? and when Sathya offers Janani jher husband - "Avarai pidikkama ungalukke vittu kudukkalai, romba pidichathaala thaan vittu kudukkirein. Namakku pidichavanga santhoshamaa irukkanum paarunga" - Still I am leaving him not that I don't like him, just because I love him. It is nice to see our favourite people happy.

{tab=Page 2}This movie is refreshing that it had a very strong female character, something unusual in recent times. It was a life time role for Sneha and she didn't miss the chance to utilise it by carrying this role with aplomb. Infact even the National Award winner Meera Jasmine, who did the same role in Telugu (Ammayi Bhagundi), couldn't match Sneha's performance. Sneha portrayed the diametrically opposite Janani & Sathya with a striking difference through her body language and dialogue delivery. With & without make up Sneha looked beautiful. Her smile was suffice to steal the audience's heart. Her dubbing for docile Sathya and Savitha Reddy's voice for modern Janani set the performances poles apart. Her underplayed emotions are delight to watch. Her expressions of surprise at another similiar Sneha is simply mindblowing.

Srikanth was simply superb. Infact when you view it for the first time, you may think that this is an ordinary performance. But if you watch it repeatedly, you'll find the expressions of a happy go lucky boyish Parthiban turning into much married man, very subtle and convincingly. Infact subtlety is the best factor of this movie. Whether it is Raviprakash as father of Parthiban, Manivannan as father of Sathya and Anitha williams as Parthiban's mother, everybody underplays and lends dignity to the roles they play.

Even the comedy track by Vivek has a beautiful message highlighting the necessity of continuing the love after the marriage. Infact Vivek's comedy is the major supporting factor in the success of the movie that it attracted mass audiences into the theatres, who are treated with a class story. Devadarshini & Vivek really made a cute pair just like Srikanth & Sneha.

{mosimage}Equally behind the camera was a team that gave its best & hardwork in supporting the story telling. Vidyasagar leads the team with his mellifluous tunes and a noteworthy background music. His creativity is evident in the song "Bak Bak Maadapura..." that travels through the era of 'nostalgic' Thyagaraya Bhagavathar to MS Vishwanathan to 'jazzy' Illayaraja and ends with 'Peppy' Vidyasagar. "Enna Thavam..." reminds you of "Sippi Irukkuthu... " from K.Balachander's "Varumaiyin Niram Sigappu". He also had given the best for this movie within the commercial parameters. R. Divakar's camera is visual friendly and Rajivan's artwork was evident in the interiors of Parthiban's home. Suresh Urs' editing keeps the movie intact despite some dragging at certain points.

Karu. Pazhaniappan has indulged himself with a standard dream and as a result we are presented with a wholesome entertainer that carried a take home message. Infact after seeing this movie only I had got a confidence that even if mine happens to be an arranged marriage, I can make it work. {/tabs}