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{mosimage}Meera Jasmine:- Simply amazing in the movie, I loved her in the second half. Wish she had dubbed for herself, the dubbing didn't gel with the performance. (Somebody should ban Malayalam directors directing the Tamil versions of their movie, that naturality in original is missing). With her expressions changing in a fraction of second like laser strobes in a disco, Meera is definitely in the leagues of veterans like Savitri, Revathy, Shobana and Manju Warrier. This girl is doing a blunder. Rather than being extremely choosy about the roles, she should do more commercial movies to establish a commercial clout and use the same to carry off more heroine oriented movies. I feel the National award in the very second year of her career proved detrimental.

Vinodhini:- Vinodhini was in a terrific form & just outperformed Sona Nair, who played that same elder sister role in malayalam. I loved the scene where Vinodhini asks Meera who returns dejected from the party. It is the most brilliant scene in Tamil cinema I had seen in recent years. The dialogue is of only one word but conveys the pains what reams and reams couldn't do. She asks "Kariveppilai aayittiyadi?" (Had you become a curry leaf, meaning that had they used you and threw away) and Meera breaks down on her shoulders. Writer Jayamohan whose debut attempt with dialogue writing shows how a literature background can make a difference.

Bhumika Chawla:- Bhumika has a small yet significant role who comes in the last 30 minutes of the movie. Bhumika is glowing in Bollywood. She is beaming with radiance combined with innocence. Infact in the movie she ends up as an martyr who didn't get the hero. But I was relieved that she didn't get him because she was much more brilliant than the hero. In "Bhadri" she had a square face with a strongly etched cleft in her chin, but now her face had become bit moulded, glowing skin, "Mickey Mouse" tooth and that irresistable childish smile. I am looking forward to see Bhumika in Tamil again with Surya in "Jillennu Oru Kadhal".

{mosimage}Asin: Yesterday night when I sat to see "Majaa" I knew exactly what I am going to see. Some glimpses of Asin, More of Pollachi and Thirumurthy hills, the places that are close to my heart. Asin was beautiful and sparkled in the small role. Asin is the only actress after Bhanupriya who can carry off the extremes in modern costumes as well as traditional half saree convincingly. I am loving Asin more with every movie. Majaa is a most faithful remake (except in Tamil heroine refuses to part with "thaali" while in malayalam Mamooty snatches the Thaali from heroines neck) and only remake I had seen that is far better than original. See "Thommanum Makkalum" and "Majaa" in short intervals, you'll understand what I mean. Majaa is superior in many ways - cinematography, locations, colours and needless to say my favourites Vidyasagar (music), Vikram and Asin.

Last week I saw three movies - Dil Jo Bhi kahey, Majaa and Kastoorimaan (Tamil). But rather than getting into the reviews, I just wanted to gush about the leading girls in the movies.

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