Talwar Movie Review

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Noida Double Murder Case allegedly executed by Doctor couple Talwars of their daughter Aarushi Talwar and domestic help Hemraj is one of the most intresting 'whodunit' murder case India had ever witnessed. Ofcourse a case of this stature will "inspire" so many novels and movies but the legal stay obtained by Talwar's for any work of fiction based on their case had curbed that. Still 2 movies made it to screens based on this twin murder case - Rahasya (2014) and Talwar (2015).

I had seen Rahasya (2014) and it was bit over fictionised  by "finding out" who the murderer is. At that time, When Rahasya (2014) faced legal obstacles, it was rumoured that the convicted couple - Talwars are acting on behest of Vishal Bharadwaj who is producing a movie called Nyoddha, which is the "Talwars" version of the murder. Atlast Nyoddha released as "Talwar" in 2015 and I should say that the movie was of sheer brilliance.

After seeing the movie I searched for the case information and realised that the movie had stuck to "near perfect" recreation of the scenarios & interrogation. Like the classic "Rashomon", this movie offers the multiple narration of the murder from the perspective of CBI, Talwars and the domestic helps without being judgemental.  The movie disturbs the viewers with the way the case was handled. How the local police got carried away by the media attention on them and messed up with the crime scene, the CBI team's lackadaisical way of investigating and convenient shift of blame games on each others.. Whether the Talwars are the real culprits or not, the way the police and CBI handled this case, with utmost non-sympathetic manner, the very thought that it can happen to any of the citizen who might not be visible as high profile case like this just gives you shudders.