I seriously thanks for the few souls who checked in to my almost abandoned website. Some of them might have noticed that I had moved on to Wordpress for a brief period and now I am back to Joomla again. Over the period of time I had been concentrating on the "look" of the site rather than concentrating on the "content" despite knowing well that "substance" is what drives people to any website, not the layout. I started taking components and templates from various "nulled scripts" site again knowing that "there is no free lunches" and there will definitely be any hack on the scripts through code injection. I was not serious about them because I don't have any sensitive information like Credit Card or Bank details on my site. But that affected the SEO maintenance badly. Whenever I check my webmaster tools, I get lot of malicious links like "http://www.maheshwaran .com /calipsy_pharma" which is automatically generated by the malicious codes.

But once I noticed that everyday hundreds of "posts" are created in the content section, I realised the seriousness of using the hacked scripts. Around the same time I was losing interest on Joomla and my interests started veering towards Wordpress which was eventually my first ever attempt at the CMS. I started playing around with Wordpress to get familiarity all over again and there was an extensive search in looking for ways to migrate from Joomla to Wordpress as I didn't want to start from scratch all over. I got a Wordpress plugin that helped me in migrating the very basics - category, article and images only and that's what you guys had seen in the wordpress site.

But my site's visitors are for other contents - reading Comics and downloading Android version of them, so I kept trying for looking similar functionality plugins. Only at that time I realised how much of work and effort I had put in this Joomla powered site and was that really a worth to re-do all the things again in Wordpress? The answer was "No". So I went back to Joomla like a prodigal son realising that there is no solid / valid reason for trying to move away from Joomla at this moment. So I cleaned up the database again, re-installed the Joomla in a new installation, looked for the official versions of the components even though they come with back-links. No more hacked templates for me.

I loved the JoomlArt's "Purity II" and used that as the starting point. Then I got the HWD Audio Share which meets my requirement of maintaining a Jukebox and Audio downloads. Now the site is slowly slowly returning to its normalcy and over the period it should "correct" the Google's Search Engine errors which was created by the malicious codes.

Other than the voluminous efforts why Wordpress didn't win me?

1. The primary reason is the "plugins using the posts table" for everything. You add a new image, new download file or anything on that line.. Everything gets populated in the wp_posts so that migrating from Wordpress to any other CMS becomes almost impossible. You have to cleanup the database for "separating" the actual posts.

2. The new templates are also equally complicated like Joomla's new templates and so many frameworks provided my the template providers. So known devil (Joomla) is better than the unknown angel (Wordpress).

3. I am familiar with the components for various functionality in Joomla whereas I have to search and research for them in the ocean of Wordpress plugins.

So this time Joomla wooed me back again this time. I am not underestimating the power of Wordpress, but WP is good for simple blogging and starting anything from scratch but not for migrating an existing voluminous site.

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