{mosimage}Rayil Sneham - This is the general term used for expressing the out of sight, out of mind friendship, just like having a good time with the passengers while journey. But sometimes some people stay in your mind for longer. Whenever I hear this song, from the movie Dhadkan I feel as if written for me specifically. The song goes like this:-

Aksar is duniya mein anjaane milte hain
Anjaane raahon mein milke kho jaate hain
Lekin Hamesha woh yaad aate hain.

The translation is "Often in this world strangers meet and get lost in the way, but remain in memories forever"

Another song that helped me whenever I was in dumps due to the break up between the friends, was from the movie - "Marupadiyum". Two songs are very philosophical.

The song starts as "எல்லோரும் சொல்லும் பாட்டு" It goes like:-
"நாயகன் மேலிருந்து நூலினை ஆட்டுகின்றான்,
நாமெல்லாம் பொம்மை என்று நாடகம் காட்டுகின்றான்,
காவியம் போலொரு காதலை தீட்டுவான்,
காரணம் ஏத்மின்றி காட்சியை மாற்றுவான்,
ரயில் ஸ்னேகமாய், புயலடித்த மேகமாய்,
மொத்தத்தில் வந்து கூடும், பின் ஓடும் நாம் கூத்தாடும் கூட்டமே..."

It means like "God is the biggest manipulator behind the scenes, he'll create an love epic but change the scenes for no reasons, like a a"rayil sneham", clouds in wind, we are just actors who assemble to perform and then disperse..."

Another song from the same movie, echoing similiar theme is "நலம் வாழ..." In that the lines that heal me are:-
நிலவினை நம்பி இரவுகள் இல்லை,
விளக்குகள் காட்டும் வெளிச்சத்தின் எல்லை,
ஒரு வாசல் மூடி, மறு வாசல் வைப்பான் இறைவன்..."

The translation is like - Nights no longer are dependent on the moon. The lamps are here to guide the ways, If God closes a door, he'll keep open the another.

Until I heard these songs at trying times, I used to dismiss the fact that good music itself is a therapy that plays a major part in healing the wounds in the heart. So whenever I am lonely I hear these songs and they never failed to bail me out.

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