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May 20th - blessed date of my life... Angels always doesn't come flying from sky. Sometimes they come via Gtalk. 6 years ago a wonderful human being came into my life as a friend this day and many times I had felt overwhelmed by his unconditional love and care towards me. He babied me, stood by me in the troubled times and still a support system for me. It is quite unfortunate that my dreams of living closer to him went bust yet I cherish those few months I lived under his care.. E.g He randomly ask me to extend my hand and scratch the back of my palm to check whether I had applied moisturizing cream which he advises to apply during cold. I loved those moments like the kid standing in front of a mother. Yes... it is my dearest friend and super soul Vijayakrishnan Ramadevan who walked into my life this day 6 years ago... Thank you Meera Ramachandran.