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As you all know that any gmail user can login to YouTube and upload their videos for sharing with the world, there are zillions and zillions of videos available on YouTube. Sometimes we might think of downloading all the videos uploaded by a user or playlist or the subchannel of an user. I use the "VideoDownloader" addon of the Mozilla Firefox to download the videos. However more the number of videos, more tedious and cumbersome it becomes.

Aadhi used to see the tutorial videos and draw along with that. It happened that he liked the videos uploaded by one particular user and I used to download the videos individually whenever he asks for that. A couple of days back I thought why not I download all the videos for him and that led to the search of Bulk Downloader. Of 3 solutions I tested, this turned out to be the best, so this post is for all those who might be interested in downloading the videos bulk.

The software used here is 4K Video Downloader, which is a free software which has the limitation of downloading from channels with upto 25 videos. In my case the channel had 433 videos to be precise, so I searched for an alternate and luckily I got a preactivated version of the same. I checked the file for virus and the result turned to be positive.

Download from 4Shared - Link

The procedure is simple.

1. Install the software and run it.
2. Open the URL of the either individual ( or even the channel itself (
3. If you click "Paste URL", the application will automatically copy from the clipboard and start parsing.
4. In case of individual video, you can set the resolution, file location in your HDD.

For mass downloads, enable Smart mode where you can set the format, quality, location for all the files so that you need not maintain the values individually.

5. The application keeps track of the files downloaded and incase the downloading was interrupted by power off or drop in internet connection, then it automatically prompts for continuing the disturbed downloads when you restart the application.

Now Aadhithya had got the complete collection of Fun2Draw video drawing tutorials and he is happy. Of course I too am happy not only seeing him happy but also that I managed to learn and share a new tutorial.