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The things we come across during our mid & late adoloscent age stays with us for long. Whether it is the college friends who stay together for life, which is a proved fact or the dream girls are those whom we come across the late teens, we always hold the things that come in our late teens special. Today when I wanted to hear some Telugu songs, I unconsciously built a playlist in Youtube that had the songs which I heard & loved in my first year of Engineering College. It was one of the best times of Telugu movies, M.M Keeravani was at his peak of the career, Soundarya ruled the roost, Simran was getting popular in Andhra and above all Ram Gopal Varma was in terrific form making Tollywood a known name across the country.

These 10 songs are on my top of the mind, when I thought of my college days.

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1. Song: Maa Perati Jaamchettu:-
Film: Pelli Sandadi
Music: M.M Keeravani

This movie was inspired by the Hindi's wedding hit "Hum Aapke Hai Kaun" and this love story had an elaborate wedding portions weaved into the narrative. First I saw the "Soundarya Lahari.." song in the 'Midnight Masala', but when I saw this song in Gemini Top 10, I fell in love with this song instantly. Thankfully the cassette was available in Salem and it was played non-stop for few days. When it was announced that this movie is being remade in Tamil as "Ninaithein Vandhaay" with Vijay, I was bit worried about how this song will be in Tamil. I was relieved when the same tune was retained in Tamil too.


2. Song: Koosthandi
Film: Maina (Unreleased)
Music: M.M Keeravani

I loved this song immediately when I watched it in the "Bioscope" - a Trailor programme in Gemini TV. Since I couldn't read Telugu at that time, I wrote down the name in a paper and when I went to college, I asked a Telugu friend what it is. He said it is "Maina" and asked me how I knew it. I said that it was from a movie name and asked him to bring that cassette when he came from home after a vacation. I had that cassette for a while and my classmate Maheshkumar took it from me but hadn't returned it. It was a low budget movie with newcomers which was not at all released. So I couldn't find its cassette when I went to Tirupati. After a very long time I was able to get some songs from that movie in CoolToad. So this song is bit special for me.


3. Song: Yemma Kopama
Film: Anaganaga Oka Roju
Music: Sri Kommineni

Ram Gopal Varma had just created a screen Goddess named Urmila Matondkar and she scorched the screen in Rangeela. Ramu made her next movie in Telugu with her and I asked my Andhra classmate "Who is that lucky bearded guy acting with Urmila?". He said that this guy is called JD. When I saw his another movie "Gulabi" first, I came to know that he is Chakravarthy. I fell in love with Hyderabad with this movie and it was a sort of dream destination for me for a while. I saw this movie in Tamil as "Andru oru naal" twice with my friends in Salem and Cuddalore.


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4. Song: Kannullo nee roopame
Film: Ninne Pelladtha
Music: Sandeep Chowtha

Nagarjuna was simply loveable in this movie and the chemistry with Tabu is still scorching and remains as one of the best on-screen pairs in Indian cinema. My classmate Sandeep Reddy brought this cassette for me along with Maina & Gulabi, when he came from Anantpur on a vacation. This is one of the 'no-remote' movie for me. Tabu in plain sarees is a sort of revelation. This is the first time I started liking Tabu even though I had seen her in Vijaypath, Prem earlier.


5. Song: Andama Anduma
Film: Govinda Govinda
Music: Sri Kommineni

Sri Devi was nearing the fag end of her long & illustrious career as heroine and Ram Gopal Varma was fulfilling his college days fantascies by casting Sri Devi in his next film after "Kshana Kshanam". Sri Devi was terrific in this song in the soft lighting and her chemistry with Nagarjuna was simply amazing. This song shot in Ooty with mild movements was one of the reason why I was tuned to the Gemini TV at that time.


6. Song: Cheppana chinna maata
Film: Dharmachakram
Music: Sri Kommineni

I heard the song for the first time in a Birthday Wishes program, liked it and the song was being played almost everyday. It started growing on me over a period of time and since I couldn't get a Telugu cassette of this movie, I recorded this song from the Tamil dubbed version. I believe that I would have been the only guy who got this song recorded in my hometown - Cuddalore. My friends used to make fun of me when I play this song during the combined study days but I still stand by this song. For a while I liked the girl who acted in this song - Prema, who later made it big in Kannada cinema.


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7. Song: Meghale takindhi
Film: Premichikundaam Raa
Music: Mani Sharma

I went crazy on this song within few times when I heard it in the 'Bioscope' of Gemini TV. I believe that this is the early set of songs with which musician Mani Sharma was becoming a rage in Andhra. I thought that its heroine Anjala Zaveri will make it big in Telugu cinema by fate had it otherwise that she is seen doing Teleshopping in TVs. By this time I had managed to read out Telugu by myself.


8. Song: Meghalalo
Film: Gulabi
Music: Pritam

An ABCL production in telugu along with Ram Gopal Varma, this song was a rage in Andhra when it was released. Innovatively shot just on the wheels (not even for a second the lead pair got down from the bike), I even liked its heroine Maheshwari for a while. This song marked the introduction of Suchitra Krishnamoorthy as singer in telugu, but she didn't continue after this. All my friends and family liked these songs even in telugu version itself, that I didn't hear any comments if I played these songs at home with good volume. When this was released in Tamil as Idhayame Idhayame, we made it to the theatres on the first day itself.


9.Song: Thilothama
Film: Master
Music: Deva

When Chiranjeevi was suffering from a series of flops, successful Tamil director Suresh Krissna bailed him with this movie made on the lines of 'Nammavar'. Even though Sakshi Shivanand was the main heroine, I liked this song which was picturised on Roshini, who never had a successful career in any of the languages. Hariharan's voice was retained in both Telugu and Tamil dubbed versions. I just love this song.


10. Song: Chandara cheeranu
Film: Bombay Priyudu
Music: M.M Keeravani

Rambha's stars were on ascent during this time. She had stormed in Tamilnadu with "Ullathai Alli Thaa" and had made a name for herself in Andhra through a series of movies with K. Raghavendra Rao. Also M.M Keeravani's music was in a fun & frolic form, and Mauritius was a stable location for Indian songs during that time.