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KeyFreezeI stumble upon new softwares based on the needs only. When I am working on the computer (desktop or laptop) Buttu insists on sitting on my lap. Ofcourse it is lovely to spend those moments, he gives nightmare effects by pressing random keys while I am typing. So I had to look for some solution to overcome this. As usual Google fetched some choices like Kid-key-lock, Toddler Keys and KeyFreeze. Out of these three I found KeyFreeze to be simple and meeting my requirements.

KeyFreeze does one thing and one thing only — It locks your keyboard and mouse. When you run KeyFreeze, you get a small window with one button. When you click this button, you get a countdown and everything will lock in 5 seconds.

That’s it. To unlock, you need to hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and then Esc. I tried watching a movie with KeyFreeze on, and it worked great. The movie was playing smoothly, and nothing I did with the keyboard or mouse had any effect. Magic!

Get your copy of this small (498 KB) yet powerful utility from KeyFreeze's official website -