My first kiss waking up Buttu

Well... an another trip had come to an end and this time it was a mixed experience. Stay at London gave a nice introduction about Europe and gave a peek to the English legacy. I loved the way the historical look of the city was maintained and the organised way of British. It took sometime for me to get used to the strong critical views opined by the opposition parties and the tax payers against some of the measures of the Government. I also happened to witness the 'Tube Strike' when I was there. I feel that the politicians and labour unions are same everywhere in the world. Because I missed Buttu, I was unable to enjoy too much on the day to day life in London. Things would have been different if I had gone there when I was single but at this moment my priorities are with my family first. While coming back, I happened to speak to Jishore who was contemplating migrating to UK. I told him that London lacks the vibrancy of Dubai and any given time I would readily pack my bags to Dubai. It is not that I don't want to go to London again but the answer needn't be a ready & desperate 'Yes' and subjected to the priorities & situation then. I am not sure of whether I'll visit London again, but the experience is definitely to be cherished and treasured. When I woke up Buttu after reaching home, I felt that I am clear of where I really want to be. Also I realised that there is definitely a lot of love for Bangalore from me.

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