TussadsMadam Tussads wax museum is getting famous for its replica of world famous personalities from various fields. However it got the attention here in India with the inclusion of Bollywood personalities. The Madam Tussads has a huge collection of personalities starting with the Movie zone of the floor 1 and then goes to the sports, music, politicians and premiere events. Because of the huge flow of Indian tourists, the sign boards are also seen in Hindi. To be frank I didn't enjoy the trip to Tussads because of very huge crowd. After a while I lost intrest and just rushed out. Besides the wax statues there is a 4D (IMAX) show that can be watched wearing a pair special glasses. The cartoon characters just pop out of the screen, punch our backs, even rains on us. Quite an amazing experience. This show is available for an upgrade of GBP 2.50. Buying tickets to Tussad is economical in combination with other attractions like London Eye and Cruise Travel. Click the thumbnail to see some of the photos taken in the Tussads.

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