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Ananya thinksYesterday Ananya posted her 100th blogpost (almost all originals).. that too within a short span. I always used to say her that she can make a good blogger prodding her to start her own blog. After initial reluctance, last October she suddenly sent me a movie review of Malayalam classic - Sandesham and asked to post it on my webpage. After publishing it I told her "Thats it.. since you have a google account, start a blog of your own in blogspot". Little did I realise at that time that what I saw in her till then was just a tip of an iceberg. When she started blogging in a full swing, I was just zapped by her mastery over the words. She is getting her skills honed to finest nuances with every new post and had got a set of loyal visitors & followers. I take this opportunity to wish Ananya all the very best in her blogging and I won't be surprised even if she turns towards serious writing. She had got that ability in her and it is just a matter of time to explode it.... like a volcano waiting to erupt. All the very best Akka!