Old JeansIt is always nice to revisit the past, especially when you feel that you are fit enough to get into your old dress which you thought can't be worn again because of expanding body. Till date of all the pairs of jeans I had, I loved the couple of what I bought in Coimbatore back in 2003. They were of size 30". Over the years my hip size grew up and after a while I couldn't even get into it. My hip size shot to 34". I used to give away my old dresses to underprivileged but I had kept hold of these jeans with a hope that I'll be able to wear it sometimes. After the last month's workout, I just tried wearing it.... and it fit so well that I spent this day in the old jeans. Even though my tummy reads 33", it is so gel like that the tummy got into 30" jeans comfortably. The kind of excitement I got wearing the old blue jeans was amazing - a refreshing sense of returning back to 2003 and a revived impetus to get back to shape all again.

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I am a SAP Consultant in my late 30s, residing in the happeing IT City - Bangalore. My interests vary from reading to travelling to handicrafts to photography. My latest interest is on Body building. May be this vivid interest keeps me going in my life without getting bored.