கழுதை கெட்டா குட்டிச்சுவர் கிட்டே நிக்கும்.... நான் சேலத்துல கெட்டா??? அதுவும் ரொம்ப பிடிச்சவங்க கூட இருந்தா???? வேறெங்கே? கிளியூர் அருவி தான். Last weekend I was in Kiliyur falls with my friend Vijay. I just whisked him off from Chennai to Yercaud for having some private moments with him. Kiliyur falls is getting so close for me that I am visiting there for the third time within a span of six months. May be because of that I didn't get much exhausted while getting there and climbing back. For those who have been following my blogs earlier, Kiliyur is not a new place but for those who had come late Kiliyur falls is near the Yercaud lake now gaining popularity . Normally whenever I used to go there, my nieces will be accompanying me. So to avoid the embarassment for them by the scantily cladded bathing boys & boozing guys, we used to retire quitely to some corner and have our snacks, chit chats etc. This time it is an all boys gang - myself, Vijay and Manikandan, so we tried to get adventurous by climbing against the waterfall. That's the reason for this trip to be exciting. Even though Yercaud holds no novelty for me now, I was happy to take up the role of a guide. Some photos shot in the Kiliyur falls are here for you guys.

This is my first outing since Sep '09 and after Aadhi had born and I realised that how much I have been missing travelling. But somethings are inevitable.

1. This is the most photogenic bamboo shrub while climbing on the Yercaud hill. Most of the guys stop here to take photographs.


2. Even though the water is less, can you sense the height of this falls? Luckily the visitors were scanty that day.


3. Another photo to show the height we had climbed on. Can you sense that I am sitting in the mid of the falls height wise?


4. While coming back we were resting in one of the rocks. We had such a good time that we kept laughing out all the way.


5. My costly driver - a software engineer from Melbourne - pedalling the boat with myself sitting happily in the back.


{oshits} readers for my recent visit to Kiliyur falls.

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