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Parimala ElanIt is official atlast... My life is witnessing a new phase in terms of employer and the place of residence. I am starting my new year 2010 with a new employer and in new city and that too in my new house. Today I had become a proud owner of a flat in Bangalore where I am going to start my new phase of life with. Ofcourse it is my mother who heavily subsidised, my dream of owning a flat, by lending me a huge amount towards the downpayment and the rest is being covered with the bank loan. It is a great feeling while registering the new property and it can't be described in words. Searching for the property and getting into the nitty gritties were a new experience for me. Especially when so many good things happen in quick succession I feel like these things happening to somebody else. Ananya used to make fun of me - "புது வேலை... புது வீடு... புது பாப்பா (ஆதித்யா)... கலக்குறே மகேஷ்!!!" reprising a paint advertisement.. கலக்கலைன்னாலும்... கொஞ்சம் கலங்கி தான் இருக்கேன்... மாற்றம் எப்படி இருக்குமோன்னு...!!!