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{mosimage}These are the terms that every net savvy person is familiar with and this small tutorial is for those who are unaware of these facilities. Every time you want to send some important documents like resume or attachments that are in demand like video clippings, you have this problem of uploading it every time. In case in you're out of town when somebody calls and asks for those important files urgently, you'll need them to be in secondary storage like floppy or CD at that moment, involving additional problem of carrying them always. I don't rely on CD or floppy as they can let you down anytime.

This is where online storage comes into picture, giving you the freedom of accessing your files anywhere in the world. Among the mail service providers, Yahoo! is the only website offering the online storage through Yahoo! Briefcase & photo indexing by Yahoo! Photos. I think most of you had noticed that along with the attachment in Yahoo! you notice a link "Add to Briefcase". Once you click that your files will be stored in Yahoo! Briefcase and sharing the file in briefcase is simple. Just select the file, click "share" button & a link to that file will be e-mailed to the user. The file won't be sent in the e-mail but a link to that file only.

Let's talk about an independent online storage system - Streamload. It offers a whooping 10 GB storage free where you can add files of all type, say mp3, Real media files, which other hosts doesn't support. The free plan allows you to download files upto 100 MB per month.

{mosimage}Sign up with Streamload ( ). upload all the files you need to share. Then create a e-mail with the attachment of "Files from Streamload", send. That's it. The recipient will get an email showing the links of file attached, but under the free plan, the recipient should also have a Streamload account. All the files would have reached their inbox and are ready for sharing, reducing the hassle of download to your computer and uploading to your account. Also when you want to send those files to your friends, you can do it without loading their inbox.

Image Hosting
I believe you people are aware of Yahoo! Photos, where you can upload the photos and give link to your friends. But the problem is Yahoo! offers 30MB Storage for all sort of storage, thus limiting the number of photos. One of the advanced options is creating an online album using webhosting & PHP, CGI, ASP Scripts, about which we had already discussed.

{mosimage}Else sign up with a Image Hosting Service provider like Photobucket who gives you 100 MB Storage. Login & Upload all the photos you want to share. If you want to share the whole album, you can give links to your friends, which will read like This way you can send lots of photos without loading their inbox.

There are tonnes of free image hosting services like ImageCave, Imgspot, ImageShack & so on.... Just Type "Free Image hosting" in Google and you'll find hundreds of links through that.

{mosimage}The difference between Image hosting & Online album is bit different. The online album doesn't allow "Hotlinking" or "Leeching", this is advanced term for new users, so lets leave them for this moment. Image hosting means, for the images you have uploaded, they will provide with link, that you can copy and paste in blogs. This will help in making your blogs with pictures and attractive rather than mere boring text one.