A Sorry to all those who downloaded the vEmotion crack from my previous post as that cracked file was an older version of trial software with a recording capability of only 5 minutes. On the comment of Ananya, I tried to record through Audacity, but the voice from the other side of the speaker were hardly audible. So I had no other option than resuming the search for the suitable cracked software again. Atlast from the vast rapidshare library, I stumbled upon on another software called MX Skype Recorder. I initially came across this software but I thought it was for Skype only, so I didn't try. But it is capable of recording the conversations through any VOIP client. This link which I am posting is working fine and I made it sure 100% working before pasting the same only after confirming.


1. Download and install the software from the following link .
2. Run the 'Keygen' that is found in the 'keygen' folder.
3. Sometimes your AntiVirus might block the keygen, so allow access temporarily incase it was blocked.
4. Generate the serial number using the same and 'Register'
5. Keep the MX Skype Recorder on the Startup so that it can initialise recordings the moment your sound card detects the chat conversation. In the Start up options, you can give the choice of stealth / normal mode. However you can toggle between the modes using the Hot key 'Ctrl + R" - Default. You can define your hot key in the settings.


1. You can set up the bitrate of your voice recordings.
2. Define the folders for storing the recorded chat conversations.
3. The default recording format may be 'WAV' which takes up lot of space. However if you want to record your conversations as mp3, you must have enabled 'LAME mp3 Encoder' which can be downloaded at free of cost. I am not sure whether MX Skype Recorder comes with default LAME, because I had manually downloaded and installed LAME while installing Audacity. This I did much before trying this MX Skype Recorder, so I am not sure about LAME present in MX.
4. In case if it asks for LAME separately, you can opt for WMV as the output recording format, whose encoders come default with Windows and is close to mp3 in Quality and file size.


Have a nice recording and enjoy the sweet moments of chats with your beloved ones.

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