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It is bit late to write about it, but better late than never. There was a Doll Art Exhibition in the Link Bridge, Dubai Festival Center between July 8th - 23rd. For arts enthusiasts like me, it was an affair to remember because we were able to watch the artists bringing life to their creations made from the plaster of paris and clay. The artistes were predominantly from Japan, so the themes were revolved around the Japanese Culture and typically from comic strips. However many dolls had those western influence and were demanding our attention. Especially of those "new born infant" ones, which were so life like with the wrinkles being so authentic. Even though I liked & enjoyed those dolls a lot, I could secure one for me because of its steep cost, that didn't fit into my wallet. So I all I did was just had a look at them, capturing in the camera and should make similiar ones taking them as inspiration. I am uploading all the photos I took that day oin the Picasa web album, meanwhile take a look at few of the dolls in this article.

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You can visit the entire collection of photos shot at the Doll Art Exhibitions here in my Picasa Web Album

{oshits} visitors for this Doll Art Exhibition through me...

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