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It was quite a disturbing feeling when I heard of malayalam scriptwiter / director Lohitadas's death from my colleague. For a discerning malayalam movie watcher like me, even the credit "scrit by Lohitadas" is more than compelling to watch that movie, despite the fact that his last few films - Chakkaramuthu, Nivedhyam were nowhere closer to his previous works. But if I look back, most of the movies that made me watch malayalam movies were Lohi's scripts. Whether it was "Veendum Chila Veettu Karyangal / Kanmadham / Kasthoorimaan", my tryst with malayalam films started through him. Oflate in Tamil media he was in wrong reasons for being Meera Jasmine's "mentor", but he had launched some talented actress like Manu Warrier, Samyukta Varma, Meera Jasmine and Bhama to name a few. Like Lohi's lead characters, his life too is very dramatic and intresting.

Ambazhathail Karunakaran Lohithadas hailing from Chalakkudy is a prolific screenwriter and director who is known for his rich, detailed, and realistic screenplays. He showed an initial interest was in short-stories, but failed to make a mark in that genre. He soon moved into Malayalam theater in 1986 when his debut script was accepted for the stage by the legendary theater personality Thoppil Bhasi. Bhasi's CPI party backed drama troupe, the highly successful 'Kerala People's Arts Club', produced the play, leading to a state award for Lohithadas.

An intresting link of his interview to in 1997

Fresh with the play's commercial and critical success, Lohithadas moved to Malayalam Cinema by writing for director Sibi Malayil. His first movie screenplay Thaniavarthanam was directed by Malayil and went on to be a success. The Sibi Malayil-Lohithadas combination would later produce several memorable Malayalam movies.

Lohithdas movies are well known for its deep and realistic characterization and are often grim depiction of contemporary Kerala life. In spite of its serious subjects, they have been highly successful in the state. His movies lay less emphasis on plot or commercial gimmicks and, instead, display a more character-oriented approach. He is a prolific writer, often writing nearly four screenplays a year. He turned director with his critically acclaimed 1997 film Bhoothakannadi (The Magnifying Glass).

Other than Bhoothakannadi he directed movies like Kanmadham, Ormacheppu, Arayannangalude Veedue, Chakram, Joker, Kasthooriman, Chakkaramuthu and Nivedhyam . He is the script writer of noted films like Thaniyavarthanam, Kireedom, Chenkol, Sallapam, Amaram, Thoovalkottaram, Ormacheppu, Joker, Veendum Chila Veettukaryangal, Bharatham, Dasaratham , Kamaladalam, Valsalyam, His Highness Abdullah,Vengalam, Valayam etc.

The film Bhoothakannadi won him the 45th National Film Award for Best film in 1997. Other awards inlcude Kerala State Film Award for Best Story - Thaniyavarthanam, 1987, Kerala State Film Award for Best Film - Bhoothakannadi (1997) , Tamil Nadu State Film Award for 2nd Best Film and hordes of other awards.

{oshits} readers bid farewell to AK Lohitadas through this article

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