I thought that this year's Birthday will be a quiet affair with a visit to temple and a calm dinner with friend Thiru & cousin Prakash. But little did I expect that my wife had planned for a surprise cake cutting through Thiru. All happened behind my back and I am not going to complain... ha! ha! ha! Prakash and Thiru made this birthday memorable by giving a surprise to me. Still more surprise was when Vijay made a surprise cake cut late night that day, which I never ever expected. Even though I don't celebrate my birthday like this, I had to give-in for this year's occassion. I had received calls from all those who mattered me and that's more than enough for me to cherish this occassion till the next birthday. Thanks a lot Anis, Akila, Akka, Priya & Bala, Vijay, Vijayakrishnan from Australia. Some of the photos inside.

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