All the media were raving about the malayalam blockbuster - "Cycle' as refreshing, a whif of breeze etc.. But I was least carried away by those eulogising epithets showered at the movie. This Friday we chose to see 'Cycle' as a weekend movie. We started bit late... around 11:00 p.m, I thought that I can stop the movie in the middle and resume it on the next morning. But I couldn't resist watching the movie at a single stretch, despite feeling drowzy at times. The movie really deserved those praises it garnered during its theatrical release. Surprisingly the theme of the movie was also in line with my previous post - money alone is not the key to happiness. What is this 'Cycle' all about?

Roy (Vineeth) and Sanju (Vinu Mohan) are close buddies working for peanuts in small companies in a shopping mall in Kochi. Roy aspires to go to Middle East while Sanju needs money to get into State Cricket Team. For these both, money means a lot. Roy has a crush on Annie (Bhama) while affluent Meenakshi (Sandhya) is besotted by Sanju, providing a romantic angle to the story. On a fateful New Year Night, a series of incidents happen and forces Roy & Sanju to make a heist of Rs. 2 crores. Do they get caught, else these girls came to know of the robbery...

{mosimage}The major plus point of the movie is that its characters are so simple and believable. No larger than life characterisations who scream for attention the moment they land on screen. Quite strongly etched real characters who m we can find in our next door or in the street. Despite being an all youth starcast, the movie has a starking reality attached towards it, which any normal film steers clear owing to young cast. The characters brings out what the cycle of life holds for us all. Example - The movie starts with a certain incident in Mumbai and ends at the same location & incident after 30 years. Regarding the girls, despite having a minimum screen time, they have ample screen presence and strongly etched scenes to remember them whenever we think of the movie.

Vineeth is a faithful replica of his father, renowned Screenplay writer - Sreenivasan, in all departments of facial expression, voice modulations etc. Vinu Mohan is simply loveable with no halo of heroism around him. The chemistry between Vineeth & Vinu is to be seen to be believed.

Sandhya steals the thunder as an affluent but lonely girl. Her scene on New Year Eve makes you fall in love with Meenakshi. I really wonder why this girl couldn't make it big in 'K/M/Tollywoods'. 'Nivedhyam' Bhama has an equally important role shouldering the family responsibilitiy, something in the lines of Manju Warrier & Meera Jasmine, it is the same that goes against Bhama. Her strong screen presence often reminds us of Meera Jasmine, which is quite understandable because Bhama, Meera and Manju share a common mentor - A.K Lohitdas. Supporting Cast by Jagathi Sreekumar, Murali and Shankar provides ample support to the young cast.

Music by Mejo & Biji Bal passes the muster. The camera by Shaji caresses beautifully on the picturesque locales of Singapore, Bombay and Kochi. All said and done, "Cycle" will definitely give a wonderful ride which sometimes make us wondering whether we are right on our priorities.

Available at Moserbaer Home videos, for Rs. 60 (DVD) and 45 (VCD), "Cycle" can even find its place on your video collection.


{oshits} readers for this blog... some might even consider having a ride on this cycle

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