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Till 2-3 days back the weather of Dubai was like a seductress... sometimes sizzling and sometimes sandy... It is unusual that there had been rains in March - April, against the regular November - December rainfalls. My friends back home found it hard to believe that we are having rains in Dubai while back home the mercury is soaring. Even though there was hailstorms in Deira, the central part of Dubai, in the International City we didn't have anything of such sort. Just rains. Thankfully we are living in the 10th floor of an apartment, we tend to get a good view of our living area - International City. As usual I just tried to capture some of those moments.. just whatever I get from my room's window. Here for you.

Rain Photos




SandStorm Photos




{oshits} readers for this photoblog about Dubai Rains

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I am a SAP Consultant in my late 30s, residing in the happeing IT City - Bangalore. My interests vary from reading to travelling to handicrafts to photography. My latest interest is on Body building. May be this vivid interest keeps me going in my life without getting bored.

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