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{mosimage}After I came to this project I was introduced to many of the core team members in this company. Of which I got instantly attracted to two guys, for the reasons unknown to me even. The term 'attracted' sound crude but somehere there was an instant familiarity. They were Sijo and Jishore, the unconventional naming convention itself mighht have given away their race... ha! ha! Bonding with Sijo was a breeze as we yakked and yakked in malayalam and we go to room together sometimes in the evenings, but getting Jishore in my way was bit difficult. I used some pranks like sending anonymous messages to him, missed calls etc to get into his memory system. Atlast I took him for lunch last week and while observing him I realised why I got moved towards him.

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His mannerisms, ideologies and even that 'donald styled accents'.. etc etc resembled a lot like Rajesh, my room mate in Abu Dhabi during my last stay term here. Got to know him some more personally, extended my hand for friendship but whether this friendship will last? is something only destiny can answer.


Sijo on the other hand is cool and reminded me a lot.. so lot about my former colleague Aravind from Dutco Tennant. His timely oneliners, that too with a straight face are simply fabulous.


E.g: I told him that the photos he had taken and printed from his mobile phone camera are of good quality. His rejoinder was 'Da! mobile kaasu kondu medichathaa..' meaning that he had paid for this mobile.. (which means obviously the quality should be good)..

Once there was a Public holiday on a Saturday and we all were planning for that. At the last minute we learnt that our client is working that day. I asked Sijo that why leave was not for that day because it was a religious holiday. Sijo's reply went like this "You know in Kerala during Hartal, we give to exemption certain essentials like Hospitals, Milk Van etc. Here they have added our company also in this list".. Quite a funny reply.

Now I understood why I got instant affinity to Sijo and Jishore. Somewhere my mind unconsciously read out their characteristics and found that they resembled my other friends Rajesh and Aravind. I am quite surprised by this incident.

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Some of the photos in our workplace



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